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Is porn art?
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Thermal cameras

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Do you guys ever use thermal cameras? What's it like? Can you take pictures from kms away? Or is it only good for a few dozen or 100 meters?
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The King of /p/

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Screw Jessica Kobeissi. /p/ needs a king. A strong one! Uncle Terry is that man.
Crown him /p/.

Why aren't you as alpha as Uncle Terry /p/?

Be honest.
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So is this being AstroTurf'd?

Or are plebbitors so high on their own supply then think their photos are so special they are being drowned out by all those damn free users?

Flickr now wants to be 500px it seems. But where do people go that just want to share all their photos that are half way decent go to find and see hidden gems and comment and network with other photographers?

I figure instagram+500px is the best imperfect replacement to Flickr. What say you?

Also I love when he calls Flickr a "failing business" then blows smoke up the communities ass in the same paragraph. Shit was mismanaged since Yahoo! There is a business in Flickr but it's not with Smugmug.
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Recent Photo Thread because the last one maxed
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Hello community! These are exciting times to be on /p/. My name is Chosis as many of you already know. I have been motivated to increase /p/’s web presence with the recent great success of our zine that was a great success. I have created a /p/ collective Instagram where I will be doing daily reposts of /p/ users work on the collective group Instagram. At first I will be choosing the works myself but I am programming a automatic script that will take votes from the community to democratically choose the daily post. Right now I would like to get a group of intested photographers/instagramers. So post your Instagram in this thread and I will follow you to see your work.

IMPORTANT to quality your account must meet all of the following requirements:
-You must post your IG here, so I know you are from /p/. if you just follow the account I will not follow you back.
-Every work on your account must be your own. If there is even one image that is not your own you will not be allowed to participate in this activity
-You must have no “Meme” posts, I am trying to make this look somewhat professional
-Photo manipulation is OKAY but needs to be kept to a minimum. That means not shitty photoshops that the average person can tell it was photoshopped.
-sexual/controversial content needs to be kept in check
-Photos must have a minimum pixel density. Cell phone pics can work if you have a good enough phone but I will not be adding accounts if they have photos that have visable pixelated artifacts or look like they were taken on a 1990 digital camera.

Right now it is called “P collective” but I am entertaining new names so if you have a good idea for a cool, mature name feel free to post it here. I am new to this reposting stuff so if I fuck it up give me a break. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.
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MF look

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>MF look isn't a thing
>Brainlet cope
When will people learn that doubling your negative (or sensor) size gives your objectively better results?
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/IGT/ - Instagram Thread

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New IG thread - post your Instagram profiles so you can stroke your ego even more
Rate others, provide critique, and follow if you see anything you like
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What are your thoughts about FAG photography?

Thinking of doing some shots for Find A Grave. Looking for tips from FAGs with headstone experience.
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