sigma fp

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why is no one talking about it? came out months back i never heard a thing
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/IGT/ - Instagram Thread

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New IG thread - post your Instagram profiles so you can stroke your ego even more
Rate others, provide critique, and follow if you see anything you like
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Please help identify the camera!

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Can't find anything about this camera anywhere. Tried to google in russian, english and scandinavian languages - comes blank.

How can' it be there no record of any Autse camera factory?!
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/Gear/ - Gear thread

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Last one hit bump limit

Anything about Lenses, Cameras, mounts, Systems, buying, pricing, selling, etc. GOES IN HERE!

Don't open new threads for gear-related issues
No pointless (brand) arguments and dickwaving allowed! You have been warned! Just questions, answers and advice!

I repeat, ANYTHING GEAR RELATED goes in here!

And don't forget, be polite
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Full Frame >>>>> ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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I never knew Full Frame was so much better than APSC.

First there is less noise.

And the most important part: The bokeh is much more noticeable.

I used to shoot with a Nikon D7000 + 35mm 1.8g DX.
Now I've gone to a Nikon D750 + 50mm 1.8 D

People here told me the 35mm 1.8 on APSC was equivalent to 50mm 1.8 on FF.

I had to manually add more blur on Photoshop with the D7000 + 35mm 1.8g to make my photos look more professional.

Now with a Full Frame and a 50mm 1.8 D I no longer need to do it anymore, the out of focus bokeh looks very blurry.

I fell sorry for the m4/3 users who have a tiny sensor and even less bokeh.
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Holy based.
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Fujifilm general

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What's your favorite Fuji camera? What lenses do you use the most?

Bought the X-T30 earlier this year and I'm thinking of selling and buying the X-Pro3 or a X-Pro2. I came from the X100F and I really miss the rangefinder style. What do you think?
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When I think of "DSLR" I think of moms and amateurs and horrible HDR photos on Flickr. Have boomers destroyed Canon and Nikon?
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So I am doing a new security camera setup at a carwash and know nothing about how I'd get a wider or narrower angle for viewing. (Camera noob) The cameras I've got are pic related (Clearview IPB-82A). Boss man says he doesn't like the angle that wide after seeing them and wants something slightly narrower. This has a 3.6mm fixed lens. Would I search for a higher or lower number for the lens size if I wanted it to be narrower?
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Black And White

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Post/Discuss BnW photos
Any genre/gear
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