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Hello community! These are exciting times to be on /p/. My name is Chosis as many of you already know. I have been motivated to increase /p/’s web presence with the recent great success of our zine that was a great success. I have created a /p/ collective Instagram where I will be doing daily reposts of /p/ users work on the collective group Instagram. At first I will be choosing the works myself but I am programming a automatic script that will take votes from the community to democratically choose the daily post. Right now I would like to get a group of intested photographers/instagramers. So post your Instagram in this thread and I will follow you to see your work.

IMPORTANT to quality your account must meet all of the following requirements:
-You must post your IG here, so I know you are from /p/. if you just follow the account I will not follow you back.
-Every work on your account must be your own. If there is even one image that is not your own you will not be allowed to participate in this activity
-You must have no “Meme” posts, I am trying to make this look somewhat professional
-Photo manipulation is OKAY but needs to be kept to a minimum. That means not shitty photoshops that the average person can tell it was photoshopped.
-sexual/controversial content needs to be kept in check
-Photos must have a minimum pixel density. Cell phone pics can work if you have a good enough phone but I will not be adding accounts if they have photos that have visable pixelated artifacts or look like they were taken on a 1990 digital camera.

Right now it is called “P collective” but I am entertaining new names so if you have a good idea for a cool, mature name feel free to post it here. I am new to this reposting stuff so if I fuck it up give me a break. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

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