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Dear /p/, I wanted to kindly ask you for opinion on photo editing. In particular - what's the acceptable degree of photo modification?

Whenever I start to work on photos I took, Im kinda torn between playing with various effects, modify lighting and contrast or leaving it "as is" aside from noise removal and framing. Im completely unsure whenever it is good idea to use lots of stuff like enchanting colors, setting high contrast, using options like "cinematic contrast" in Darktable and when I do, I feel guilty about that. I might not be some good photographer but I do like what Im doing and most importantly, I want to do best I can and try to at least slightly improve over time. I saw both approach in action, like when I once asked some veteran photographer for some advice and he replied that he always prefer to have pictures pretty much done the moment he take them, almost no modification. At the time, I see tons of rather popular photographers doing tons of work in Photoshop with presents and heavy editing.

That and I would also like to ask you for opinion on those photos. I showed them before to /m/ but since /p/ is photography board, it would be a chance to hear opinions from different perspective. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for trouble.
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