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I'm super into fog, snow, later golden hour photography or night photography, share your favs pls

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I haven't been very interested in much else lately and I only shoot either at night or the beggining of sunrise, or the end of sunset.

Also got obsessed with Russian Blue colors, robins egg blue at worst
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I am new to film photography, but i know quite a bit.

Why does this package of Fujifilm 200 say to use a FASTER shutter speed in LOW LIGHT?!?!

You would want to use a LONGER expose time in low light, correct? So what the fuck is wrong with this package!
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How would /p/ deal with this situation?
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What do you do when you drop a bunch of money on a camera and your photos still aren't good?
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Recent photo thread
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Not Another Gear Thread

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Well it's been several weeks since I posted my photos here, aside from a couple in the /rpt/.

So anyway here's the latest.

What do you think? What would you have done differently? How many worms can you count?
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Lost my love of Photography.

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Lost my love of Photography. How do I get it back?
>used to do portraiture and took photos for nightclubs
>Coronabunga hit and I lost my job
>moved to shitty small town due to financial reasons
>feel mispplaced and unmotivated

How do I get the spark back? I got an XT 100 I bought a while back but didnt use, and i just purchased a 35mm for it in the hope that a small lightweight camera with minimal gear will remind me of my film photography days
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post it in here

just got a h-alpha scope but weather is shit, I hate winter
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/fgt/ Film General Thread Expired Chems Edition

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Previous: >>3982586
Posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay unless you only shoot at the native aperture.

bad chems, bad scan, good times

>Community Links:
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/gear/ thread

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Canon edition
Old thread >>3987661
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