/RPT/ - Recent Photo Thread

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Last one reached cap.

I don't really know how I feel about this one. What do you guys think?
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Do you ever overcook photos to get the look other people want?

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I have a son, and friends that don't take photos.
Often ask for "dramatic" pics or "pics with impact".
I'm sure everyone here will agree these pics are outside of what we normally do, but they've been incredibly well received.
For me, I feel it's going outside of "photography" and into "graphic art" or something, but it seems this is what a lot of people want right now.
I'll post a few examples.
Would appreciate if you would share what you've done on this front, and share your thoughts.
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Where did this toxic idea originate and why is the photography community mostly populated by bullies who want to shame you for using updated equipment?
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Would it be possible to make a camera with this kind of control?
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/SQT/ - Smart Questions Thread (previously stupid questons thread)

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— Post smart photographic questions in this thread.
— Post stupid gear questions in /Gear/ thread.

There is 0.5% chance that your potential smart question was already posted in previous /SQT/: >>3739066
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I inheritanced this from my grandpa who passed away recently. Does anyone has more info on this piece? I'm from the Netherlands if that helps
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Leica thread part 5,

~*~ a e s t h e t i c ~*~
~*~ e d i t i o n ~*~

Just a chill thread to post photos taken with and talk about your Leica gear (and Leica-adjacent gear, like third-party M and m39 screw lenses and bodies).

Also a thread for whiny little diaper babies to complain that they don't understand why someone would ever spend extra money on a different type of camera from them because they haven't grown up enough to understand that every human has their own rich internal life with their own preferences and their own feelings.

Previous thread: >>3681033
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Rural Japan/Downtown Tokyo as a location in photos is 100% a crutch and should not be artistically respected under *almost* any circumstances. I am so tired of seeing photos of

>Old asian ladies pushing carts
>Salarymen with umbrellas (with or without rain)
>N E O N S I G N S
>Vending machines at night
>Saturated photos with zero contrast for the "anime vibezzz"
>Saturated photos pushed well beyond their limits
>Photos that are basically garbage from almost any perspective but get exoticism points because the alphabet is weird and alien

I wouldn't be so heated about this if I didn't see a bunch of (non-asian) 19 year olds thinking they're the hottest shit around for still pushing this meme well into 2020. It's trite and completely empty in intention, yet people fall for it every single time, so I can't even logically be mad at these kids for chasing money.

Street photos from NYC, Toronto, [World City X] aren't far behind either, but at least it doesn't have slanty-eyed aliens to make people suddenly think it's profound. I don't know man, it's just some weird gross fetishism to me.
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/lg/ lens general 'What is this piece called?' edition

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My cameralens has a silver piece screwed on on this end but it got damaged. What is this piece called and how do I replace it? Also lens general I guess.

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Is this camera shit? canon eos rebel t6
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