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Post a shit image and see if any of you can edit it to be good.
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Have you ever been confronted when taking someone's picture in public? How did you play it off? How encroaching of comfort level are you willing to be on a subject?
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Dear Nikon film fags,
What 35mm body should I get?
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"The one you have with you" is a huge snapshitter meme and I immediately discard the opinion of anyone who spouts it. It's a snapper's mindset.
Photography is about capturing your vision in a still image. The thoughtless snapshittery has no vision. True art involves planning, you scout for locations, then research the light in the area and then show up with your camera when the light is just right. Assuming you don't control the light, of course. But studio photography is planned too, so it's not an argument for "the one you have with you".
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How do you develop your own style?
This is my first time in a creative field, and I'm pretty unsure. Right now I'm doing a combination of things I think are cool/interesting and emulating artists I like such as Wong Kar-Wai and Malick.
But how do I properly develop my own unique style? How did you guys do it?
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Recommend me some cheap compact cameras I can find second hand under 200$. I just need something to take with me daily :)
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Which film camera is the most based? Protip: it's the Konica c35 EF
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what's the best non-Leica alternative to a Leica M8 in terms of similar IQ and adaptability of M lenses?
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