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Opinions on sigma fp? Im mostly interested in cons when compared to bmpcc workflow.
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Can my D3100 be useful at all?

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I’ve been shooting with mirrorless and it’s great. My original DSLR was the D3100, which I think prevented me from enjoying photography. It doesn’t have peaking (the screen sucks too), AF lens are expensive, and I can’t use some of Nikon’s own F mount lens, I don’t think I can tether with it, it’s larger and I’ve basically barely used it. Anyone use one and like it? It’s got amazing battery life, and it’s got the kit lens on it, I would like to use it, but the manual focus on the AF lens feel bad, it takes decent sharp images but they seem boring.
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Beach thread.

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Post your favourite Beachside/Coastal photos you have taken!
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Cartier-Bresson a liar?

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He did everything in camera, he said, while cropping, dodging an burning.
He was an anarchist, he said, while being a rich kid which followed strict composition rules.
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Tranny server filled with wignat trannys, ancap trannys and kids who want to become femboys

Polaroid photography

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Will Polaroid photography every lose the hipster guise around it and be taken seriously as a photographic art form?
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What were Sony thinking?

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I Don't know what's worse, the weird name the departs from the axxx methodology, or the bunny tail butt plug?
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Why is it so much more fun to snap photos with an actual camera as opposed to using a smartphone to do it?
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The MOST useful focal length

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Alright fuckers, it's time to plant your flag and declare your focal length. Is it the 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, or 85mm?

I pick the 35mm because it truly offers the perfect balance of environmental context while being able to hold the attention on a subject. It seems that every other focal length that strays lower or higher loses this perfect balance that the 35mm has going.
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