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critique thread

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Hi /p
photo crit thread
post your photos and receive criticism in order to hone your craft and become a better photographer
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How do you call placing drawn characters on photos?
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Canon 7 VS P VS VI-L
Which one should I pick for a cheapo LTM rangefinder?
I mainly use 50mm lenses, in second hand I use 85mm and 28mm equally as much.

I can't find much clear information between these three cameras so maybe you guys have some suggestions to help me choose.
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Military Photography thread. Stuff you've taken or stuff you saw and saved.

Getting ready for my fist deployment and I'm looking for some inspiration
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What will C1 do to blow Adobe into recession this time?

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Full Spectrum thread

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posting some of my favourites feel free to discuss full spectrum, IR and the likes...
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As an everyday carry, which lens would you get more use out of, an ultra wide rectilinear, or a tilt shift 24mm? The tilt shift will be finicky to use, but the ultra wide would have perspective distortion. Hmm.
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how do I get qt 3.14's like this to model for me?
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last one is at the limit so time for number 4 (?) you already know the drill senpai:

>PRICE FOR ENTRY IS A PORTRAIT THAT YOU YOURSELF SHOT. anyone else will be treated as a bitter, nophoto, nocamera, larper.

Hope you guys got a lot of shoots in before they shut everything down again kek.
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