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hey /p/ you guys should check out the anime FLAG.
It's about a war photojournalist embroiled in some military operation.
The draw is that the entire show is told entirely through various lenses, the camera lens, video lens, found footage, news reports etc.
It's very interesting
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Old found film

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Cleaning out my father's garage, I came across this old box of film canisters (not literally this image). Would it be worth it to have it developed or is it garbage from being out in the heat/cold? Also, who even develops film anymore, I went to Walgreens and Walmart and both wanted me to ship it off and I wouldn't get the negatives returned, turn around time was 4 weeks.
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Lighting with a weather ballon

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Anybody attempted this before? Seeing the resulting pictures in the article it’s really a let down and doesn’t seem worth it at all.
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bmpcc4k - why so good?

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Why does it take better video than any other similarly priced camera?
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Who here edits without using Adobe software? What do you use instead?
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Macro v2

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Drosera Regia
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Can you guys help me price out the cheapest possible bmpcc 4k rig for lone wolf budget filmmaker?

What are some things to consider?
-motorized focus puller?

I'm willing to buy 2nd hand.
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/vid/ - Video General

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"Corona's a beer you twat" edition
All video related questions and discussion is intended for this thread. Here we discuss techniques, gear and anything else related to capturing video footage. Please don't pretend to be an expert if you don't know what you're talking about. Kindly leave your ego at the door.
Posting short films/scripts or other work you've done is encouraged.
We tend to use and recommend DSLRs/mirrorless cameras because they provide phenomenal picture quality for their price, have large sensors (ie the same size used in high-end cinema cameras and higher) and have interchangeable lenses.
In contrast, consumer camcorders normally have much smaller sensors and a fixed lens.

>Helpful guide, additional books and more in-depth FAQs -


Previous thread >>3879650

Quick FAQS
>what’s the best camera available on a “budget”?
The blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k
>>what’s a good beginner video camera?
Anything that works, shoots at least 1080p and preferably has interchangeable lenses. Any recommendation beyond that will cause arguments so read the fucking sticky if that isn't satisfactory.
>Can I use a zoom lens for video?
>Do I need cine lenses?
>Do I need 4k?
No. It will make your footage look sharper if it’s in focus, and it gives you breathing room in post. But 1080p is still absolutely fine
>Can someone tell me if my video is any good?
Yes, but be prepared to receive harsh criticism. If you're going to waste 5 minutes of our time with a shitty out-of-focus montage of nothing then we'll tell you that it's crap
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So photo laws in other countries, monkey selfie and milions of gear threads is „photography” but a major film stock company getting fucked over is off-topic?

Why is /pee/ sucking the cock of ccp?
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My shithole country is so corrupt everyone fears cameras. Nowhere you go allows DSLRs out of fear you're some journalist out to give them bad rep. Malls, museums, even the zoo, none of them allow you to enter with a camera. The niggers wont enforce anything against people taking pictures with their phones but a camera is too much.

Have you encountered similar issues?
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