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Diffraction optimization

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So as I understand it, diffraction is related to your aperture regardless of the format of your sensor/film. So if you shoot at f/22 with a medium format camera or an APS-C you will experience diffraction with both, thus reducing resolving power.

But wouldn’t this mean that if I wanted to shoot a landscape it would be better to use a MFT camera at f/11 rather than a FF one at f/22 or a medium format one at a (hypothetical) f/44? wouldn’t the diffraction from the FF and MF camera basically negate their advantage in resolution?
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I hiked 4.8 miles today...

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...and all I got were these photos.
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Sony get yet more dope new gear

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Samyang zoom lenses that are ripoffs of very expensive OEM designs, how does p feel about this?
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Your two favorite types of photography?

I hate everything staged
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Camera battery got stuck, model is Canon Powershot A3000 IS
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Black & White Thread

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Ok, who was it frens?

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Ay lmao
Was it a Hasselblad, a Mamiya or a Pentax??
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GoPro Hero 10 reviews

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What's our consensus on the new Gopro /p/?
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how do you take a good portrait photo?
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Sincere question; I want to start recording webm-tier porn of myself to share and post and so on, and am currently looking to invest in a digital camera of some sort for it.

The issue is all of the skin-smoothing or beauty filter stuff I see only works on faces. I need one that will work on body skin (butt, etc) but have had difficulty trying to find any info on this. I'm not trying to make money on it, I just enjoy the fun of getting others off. Better looking skin = harder dicks and so on, is the hope.

Sorry if this isn't quite what the board is for, but it's the closest match I could find for my question. Could this be solved with different lenses by any chance, or is it a purely digital thing I need to search for?
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