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what focal range is most accurate to real life/what other people see with their eyes?
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1st Attempt at Street Photography

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Please give me your critiques.
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/mirror/ - mirrored photography discussion

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Due to the dangerously high levels of based from the recent RICOH/Pentax announcement, a new containment thread has been opened (title is subject to change)

DSLR is not dead, RICOH/Pentax just announced 6 variants of the new K-3 MkIII:
>Jet black
>modified release button (?)
>Astro (no IR filter)
>MF (possible manual focus, maybe with manual focusing screen as well?)

>They also mentioned the idea of a full frame manual model, which could be a lot smaller than the K-1 by removing some of the automation

New camera, monochrome, manual focusing screen, almost as light and small as a film SLR, digital, with Limited lenses.
There's plenty to discuss
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good morning
today i tried to make some photos today with my 10-18mm lense, not sure yet how to manage it properly. any feedback is and all tipps are appreciated, thanks even for just looking at them x)
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Terry Richardson

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Is he the best at what he does? Over rated or under rated?
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Basic photo aesthetics?

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Hey anons, I am starting to get into photography and ive noticed this while taking picstures of friends for their instagrams- they are looking naturally photogenic and i feel like every picture i get taken of myself looks like utter dogshit. idk if its me just hating myself and being cynical or whatever but how can i come off as more photogenic and look good? i have a resting bitch face and people always think im mad- im not. I hate my smile but people say its fine. Im just trying to find angles, methods or whatever to make shots look the best and make good qualities stand out? i have a basic nixon digital camera but is there anything better you recommend? exucse the retarded long ass post
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which film sim lookls the best?

first one is the F2 setting, the rest are as follows
F1,F1a,F1b,F1c,F1c max saturation, F1c Max Tonality, F1c, max saturation, lower tonality and WB 5900K
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My a7s1 broke. Is buying the a7s2 a clever thing to do instead of a7s3?

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I was pretty happy with the a7s1 before it broke. Just missed the 4k.

I know the a7s3 is great.... But what about buying the a7s2 instead? People seem to sell them now because everybody wants the 3....