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/pet portraiture/ vs regular portaiture

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What similarities are there between shooting people and pets? How much would someone who takes excellent photos of their pets be able to take to shooting humans and understanding how to best capture your subject?

In terms of objective skill though I would suggest that pet portraiture is probably more difficult than shooting humans because once you remove the human element and if you're not that shy, it's way harder to get what you want from your subject.

I can't instruct a cat to turn into the light with a certain expression. Treats are one dimensional and their efficacy diminishes quickly. There are huge barriers with pet photography that don't exist for photos of humans.

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I haven't taken pictures in a few years, bought a 6dII and now photoshop won't open CR2. Does anyone know a way around this? I've tried installing all of their plugins back to 11.something. i've tried opening the files from the bridge but it keeps telling me I need to launch compatible software. MMM
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They're winning without trying. Snoyi is rehashing old sensors in older bodies, and everyone else on the verge of bankruptcy. Only question is whether it's still save to invest into dslr or move all in into mirrorless.
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Can YOU see a difference?

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Film or digital? Can you actually see a difference between the two?

There's a lot of people blowing a surprising amount of hot air around here, but can you fags ACTUALLY see the difference between a picture taken with a digital camera or a scanned negative?
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What do

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>be me
>out on the town
>outside see full beer on the ground
>‘Murcia. Freedom. I take what is mine
>stomach feel bad
>need poop
>people inside, but door locked
>too retarded to disturb them from closing bar
>go to dump out back
>dump out back
>pic related
What do
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hey photographers

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Need gear help

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So I have access to a pretty big telescope at my university. I'd like to mount a film or plate holder to the scope. But I don't know what the fuck I'm looking for in terms of equipment.

Like what do you slot a film holder into that terminates in a two-inch telescope focusing tube?

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How to get good. Like I'm working with music artist and I wanna take some good pics but I never get any inspiration.
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what set would you take?

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you are about to cross from mae sot into burma. you are going to be in the jungle with the karen nation army. you look at your bed in the hot thai hostel.

Nikon F, F2, F3, FE, FE2, FM, FM2, FM3A but you can only take one.

The only two lenses; 35mm f/2 AI-s or 35mm f/2D, but again, you can only take one.

what set do you choose anon?
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/comfy flowers/ - thread

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post comfy flowers in here
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