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Was thinking of doing Portraits at tourists attractions and charging $10 per photo. Is this stupid?
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R5 Watercooled for unlimited video rec

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So this guy watercooled his R5 and then just did passive cooling for more conveinience.

Its obviously possible but will canon release an attachable cooling grip or release a revised unit anytime soon?

The canon HQ 4K is markedly better vs the a7s (compare on potato jets video, the difference is greater than he lets on).
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Lubitel 2 with a red filter

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I am from eastern europe and semi-recently I scored a great deal on a flea market, a near mint Lubitel 2 for a little over 2 USD. Naturally, I would like to try it out. However, I prefer shooting more unusual styles of photography so I would really like to use some b&w film and a red filter. I have two questions.
1) Does anybody know where could I possibly get a compatible red filter? I did some research and found out the diameter is supposed to be like 40,5mm but I really don't know, there was also something about different versions mounting different filters.
2) Given that this slav camera has no frame counter and instead has a little red tinted transparent circular window at the back, could that interfere with my pictures if I use a panchromatic film? (obviously you have to if you want to shoot with a red filter). I don't plan on using any infrared filters, just your usual red filter that you can see through with your eyes. As a film I plan to either use Fomapan 400, Retropan 320 or maybe Rollei 80s if I'm feeling rich.

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>first stock photograph sale
>can't cash out because my balance is too low
feels bad man

Somon Chang photography

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from his latest tour
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Wallpaper Thread

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Drop some of your Desktop/Phone wallpaper worthy photos here.
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In your opinion, what are the best general photography books?.

zeta up

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talk about some freak weather
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what can a camera buff tell me about the Sony a7. when I look for reviews all I find are buzzwords.
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Quick glance through small town in Eastern Europe

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