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How long until computers don't need to have jumbles of wires inside them anymore? This reminds me so much of the rounded IDE cables

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>"Y-you really don't shoot with a Snoy, do you? How can you let your photography get so bad to use a Snoy?"
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Film OR Digital?

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We haven't had one of these in a while now.
So, for the newcomers, this is how it works: I post two images, one is taken with a digital camera and the other one is taken with a film camera.
Then it's up to you guys to guess which is which. The winners get a cookie and a high-five.
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Theoretically speaking, would it be possible for sony to even refurbish one of these models if it needed warranty?
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This was taken with a point-and-shoot and is basically snapshit. yet it is aesthetic as fuck.

in the end nothing matters but the subject.

how am i wrong?
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Who makes the best film simulations?

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Ideally for lightroom. Obviously the real deal is best and the the Fuji jpegs look great. What's everyone else using?
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/p/ has given me some pretty good advice through out the year. Here are some of my favorite shots from this year; sort of like a "year in review" thing.

I hope you enjoy.
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phone /p/hotos thread

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post shots using the one you have with you
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