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Film Soup

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Apparently you can do thus with dish soap and Vitamin C supplements or something. Has anyone tried it? Do you do a quick soak of the film before developing or what? Explain yourself.
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what's a good, cheap lense that I can buy for the fujifilm X-T30?
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— Photo Challenge 11 —

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• Theme: Music
• Deadline: From April 29. to May 7.

If music be the food of love, take some musically inspired photographs.

• Photo must be taken during the timeline. Images taken before this thread was started won't count.
• Post images with exif, if possible. If you can't, just state that they were taken during the timeline.
• Three entries per photographer max.
• After the competition ends, all valid images will be posted for voting. There will be one vote per anon.

• You're encouraged to post your images that fit the theme even if they're out of competition.
• You may title your images if you wish.
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This board has stupid rules and photography can never thrive on it because of the absolute retardation that comes with a 5mb upload limit.
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Critique Thread

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Just post pics and talk about them
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Honest question, but lens hoods or matte boxes?

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have some greenery
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>look at the catalog
>no terry thread
c'mon man
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photo taken of me by a friend
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/comfy flowers/ nr.2

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Old comfy flowers thread is full. >>3844238 Post some more comfy in here.
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