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I've been quite obsessed with pictures of old china recently. I was wondering if anyone knows a good photography book / photograph monography with such content ?

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>take a vacation
>dont visit /p/ for a few weeks
>come back
>99% of threads are filled with retards arguing about brands.

So it got better here.
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/p/'s (not so) great expedition force

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>venture forth towards other 4chan lands of boards
>pillage and plunder photographic artefacts of quality posted out there
>bring them all back and exhibit them here for posterity

[super extra bonus points for rare content unearthed with [exif] intact]
[super turbo extra bonus points to explorers succumbing to bannhammer disease]
[negative demerit points for returning with exhibits not featuring photographic material]
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Legality of Street Photography

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Woman claims someone taking pictures of her in a public place is rape and should be illegal. What does /p/ think?
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Saw this cool crow. Thoughts?
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/gear/ - Gear Thread - You Should Probably Just Sell It All Edition

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old: >>3752334

>All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.
>Redirect other gear-related threads to this thread.
>Remember to be polite.
>This is the thread in which you can be a gearfag.
>no photos allowed
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Is there no digital photography cameras that try to actually emulate film like the Digital Bolex?
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HERO8 for shooting outdoors, at night, in cities?

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I understand you need to buy some kind of lens protector (tempered glass cover, or a roll cage) as well.
The HERO9 is better, but more expensive. The night footage comparisonsI've seen (on YT) of the HERO7 vs. 8 at night make the 7 seem unappealing.
Should I splurge on the 9, or is the 8 good enough?
(I plan on shooting mostly in 60 fps 1080p, btw.)

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Phase One XF: Would you buy this if you had the money?
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