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Im about to get a new drivers liscense in Illinois. Whats the funniest thing I could get away with? Like winking or cig in mouth.
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Where did the clouds thread go?

I was blessed with this today.
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Road photography

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Gloomy roads all night and day
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/rpt/ Recent Photos Thread

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Post your photos and comment on other anons' photos.

Previous thread >>3910581
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Weather sealing

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We've all seen these capes you can pull over a camera to protect it from rain.
But what if you want a less obtrusive option? Say you've got a weather sealed camera, but one of your favorite lenses isn't sealed. Is there an option like a "lens condom" that only covers the lens and attaches to the body in some way to seal the mount? Is this a totally unconquered niche in the market? I mean, it would just have to be a UV filter with a plastic lens protection attached.
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How to treat photography compulsion syndrome? I can't go outside without my camera, I start feeling anxious like I'd miss some interesting moment, you know what I mean?
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Nikon actually did it!

Fujishills and Angry Ken Wheeler Photographer on SUICIDE WATCH!
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Point and shoots

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What's /P/ general consensus on this kind of cameras?

I personally love them since every time I use them in public it looks like I'm having a little erection, like announcing to everyone that I'm having a boner for the subject I'm capturing, also their 1inch sensor and small size is very useful and easy to carry, not to mention that it gave you that pro look that you simply can't achieve shooting with a phone
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A DSLR for a Filmshitter

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Hi /p/, I've shot nothing but film my whole photograhic career and am now looking to pick up a DSLR. The main issue I'm running into is that I really know fuckall about DSLRs and the digital medium as a whole. I'm only 22 so its a bit weird, but growing up my family only ever had digital point and shoots - nothing to really learn on. I'm after a camera I can use for general shooting, with a lean towards portraits. I do appreciate looks, so it can't be anything too ugly. I've done a little research already and found the Fujifilm X-T3 looks to be a good fit. I'm also interested in the Nikon Zfc, but that just might be its analog aesthetics catching my eye.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations you have in mind.
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