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monochrome sensors

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What are the real advantages of monochrome conversions and sensors? I looked into them a little, and I honestly can't find any sharpness advantage that leica claims is there.
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/fgt/ Film General Thread

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how do you avoid nasolabial folds with top lighting?
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Would it be possible to erase all the people from this photos?
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Why did photographers become obsessed with bokeh in the past 20 years?
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do you think this car looks real?
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How in the world does anyone competently put together a collection of photos? Does it just take time sitting with and looking through them?
I'm trying to organize a collection of photos and it's at a point where no groupings are jumping out at me, and it's kind of frustrating
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Night walkers (and snow) --- NO DUMPING

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This thread is for posting photographs from your night walks. In season (winter) photos preferred but not required.

1. Post one or two photographs per day. No dumping!
2. Comment on at least one photo, or add to the general conversation once per week.
3. Night walker mood strongly preferred.

Night walking photography is not about getting the best shot nor intellectual prowess. It is about capturing the mood you feel while you're out there, whatever that means to you.
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Comparing MF film Ektar to digital

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Some days back I did a hiking trip to the mountains with a Mamiya C330 and an A7R4. Used a roll of Ektar on the mamiya and decided to also frame the pictures similarly on the A7R4 to compare afterwards.

Here's some results, not many came out well enough sadly.
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Leaf goes to NYC

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So I went to visit New-York City for the first time last week. Got a bunch of shots on film that need to be developed and some digital stuff.

Here's all the keeper from that trip.

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