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Gearfags on suicide watch
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Real film

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Name the most ergonomic and intuitive camera to grace your touch.
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Sorry for bad english. I noticed many stock photos are both on Shutterstock and on Freepik. They are the same resolution and size, but they cost 50+USD on the former and are free (with attribution) on the latter. I checked and they were uploaded by same studio/artist so no theft/scam.
How is that possible? How does it work?
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Pre-spring dump

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Heyo, I didn't shoot that much during the winter but I'm back at it with some pictures
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Best spy cameras?

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Starting my own dump thread because /p/ needs more photo threads. Hopefully you enjoy. feel free to share your thoughts.
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War Photographer AMA

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G'day guys

I have been working as a war reporter and photojournalist for the last three years. I've been lucky enough for my photography to take me on crazy adventures around the globe and luckier to have survived them all.

Happy to answer any question about the line of work, and share some stories over the next few days while I sort my archive.

I am also trying to get the number on Instagram up, so I can justify uploading more photographs – if you are interested or just want to help out give me a follow @samjeder
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Walk About

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Didn't go into Town, but went on a little local photo walk.
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Have you taken the Analog pill yet?