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Dump time, here are snaps I'd like to share.

I've been inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson's work recently and thought of doing something similar with the photos that I've taken through the past year and a half.
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Because of an argument in >>3875696, I was curious to see if people could really tell whether a photo was taken with a Sony or a Leica just by looking at it. The theory being that, if the problem with the Sony sensor stack is a real issue, it should be immediately obvious when looking at a random photo taken with a Sony using a lens adapted from Leica.

Half of these photos are taken on a Sony A7 II, the other half with a Leica M9, either with a 7Artisans 35/2 or a Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/1.9 (so, not Leica lenses, but lenses intended to be used on Leicas--I don't own any actual wide-angle Leica glass because I'm poor). I swapped the 35 and the 28 back and forth a few times, so I'm not sure which shots were with which lens most of the time, but I tried to keep them about even so maybe I got lucky.

So, step up and see if you can tell the difference. Bonus: can you tell the difference based on color science and/or a visual difference between a CCD and a CMOS sensor?

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Sigh just some shit photos im so depressed
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/p/ol BTFO
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Went fishing and captured a great moment with my boys.

Taken with an S21 Ultra. What a great camera. We had a lot of fun testing it out that day.
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South Africa

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I get why people don't like to admit it, but Tri-X is a crutch.
It's what you grab when you don't have the elements for a truly striking photograph.
Those who aren't hacks use T-Max instead.
This will get me a lot of flak but someone had to say it.
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MFT General - David Thorpe Edition

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the patron saint of mft is terminally ill and posted a last video.
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I want to make photographic versions of A. Wyatt Comics and have them go viral. What's the safest way to get away with it without the twitter mob ruining my life?
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