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Better hop into that VR 180 if you mean to stay relevant
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What's the basics of making rap album cover?
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Thoughts on an X-T3 with the kit 16-80mm f/4 for someone who wants to get into landscape photography?

I initially wanted to dive straight into the 8-16mm f/2.8 and not bother with a kit lens. But I feel a bit uneasy about dropping so much on such a niche lens as a complete beginner. 16mm and 80mm sound like good lengths to get the feet wet with landscape photography, and the in-betweens come in handy for other purposes anyway. And it's pretty cheap because it's a kit. Then I can get more expensive and exotic lenses when and if my skills call for it.

Sony also has some very attractive stuff for my use case too, like the 12-24mm f/4 G or the 14mm f/1.8 GM, but it gets expensive fast, especially when the time comes for a good tele zoom. Not sure if it's worth the extra cost.
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I'm going to the grand canyon and arches next week, will be camping for some of it. I want to take advantage of the low light pollution and do some astro photography, something I've only really done once before. I have a x-t2 with 35mmF1.4, and a Sony rx100m3 (16mm-70mm equiv). Last time I just used the rx100 at 16mm wide open, using the self timer function to reduce vibration, and setting the shutter speed to like 20 seconds. How can I improve on this? Does exposure bracketing make sense to get some of the foreground, or is that a dumb idea considering the long shutter speed and star movement? How do I best capture a beautiful shot of the milkyway? What do I need to keep in mind if I want to illuminate the foreground with a lantern/flashlight? Thanks, all help is appreciated

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Is it worth buying a used prosumer/enthusiast grade DSLR from years past or a newer, consumer DSLR, something like a D3400 or Canon Rebel as a beginner?
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do you guys think jenna ever made it?
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How many pictures of homeless people do I need to take to get a photography career?

What are the best methods of taking pictures of hobos?
Should they be asleep or awake?
Color or black and white?


Do you white balance?

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Is white balancing even desired in today's photography? Or is it lost art in need of revival?
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Other than photoshop, how TF are pics like these taken?

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I don't know anything about photography; I saw these on twitter and came here to ask.
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Is it possible to consistently take professional looking photos with a smartphone?

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By "professional looking" I mean looking decent enough that a normie on instagram will think that the photo was taken with a DSLR. I'm a newfag who's thinking whether to invest $2000 into a camera setup or just buy an iPhone 13 Pro and learn how to edit in lightroom.

Is photo composition and editing more important than hardware?
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