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Hello, and welcome to this photography "course".
I will not teach you about cameras, gear or even rules.
I will teach you to ask yourself the right questions, and get some good photos whether you have a $2500 bag of gear, or a iPhone.
Let's start.
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Film General Thread - /fgt/

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This is the Film General Thread.
It's ok to post film gear questions in this thread.
It is better to post your film photos in this thread.

>Shooting film does make you gay, unless you shoot it through a Spotmatic.

Old Thread: >>3743370
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Quick glance through small town in Eastern Europe

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So what do I need to know to be considered a professional photographer?
I'm thinking to apply for a company but I'm not confident about my skills.
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The greatest F-Mount camera.

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first attempts at night photography on film

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Been something i've tried to do for a while now, glad to have finally gotten to it now that night comes around earlier. any feedback for the future, and advice for shooting film at night? all of this was on HP5 with a 1.2 lens, which may be why some are soft/out of focus. Thanks!
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>Be me
>like to shoot burbs
>wait for endagered whooping cranes to migrate through state
>talk to wildlife refugee
>get permit to shoot in refugee weeks in advance
>wake up before sunrise
>drive 2hrs to photography blind
>freezing cold
>set up $1500 worth of camera gear you spent months saving up for
>wait for hours until I see a the burbs
>take pics
>post on insta

>teen girl post blurry snapshit with iphone 8 showing cleavage and making an ahegao face

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Unironically, what makes a good photographer?
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Achei a foto bonita, eu que fiz essa merda
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Enough is enough peee! Stop bullying sony shooters!
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