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passage of time

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post pics that convey time, multiples or singles, doesn't matter
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Canon 200d

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I would like to replace the 18-55 1: 4-5.6 IS STM kit lens in my APSC camera. Is Sigma 17 50 2.8 the only right choice?
I will add that I photograph landscapes and portraits.
Canon 200d
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Cars to listen to KAYNE WEST AND GAME red monkey song

/gear/ thread

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Markins Q20 edition

Old thread >>3973486
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Say something nice about camera brand that fried the brains of pixelpeeping fool framers.
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Where to print high-end Fujifilm Maxima paper?

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If there are any photographers who get high-end prints of their work done here do any of you print Fujifilm Maxima paper? It’s the best of the best and advertised on their website and is used by Peter Lik and other “master” level photographers for prints, and the paper truly is remarkable in person, but I can’t find a single fucking printing service that uses it! How the fuck am I supposed to get access to this paper?

Please post high-end printing services that use this paper, also, /print general/

You are printing your photographs, right anon?
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IDK how this holds up, took this on an iphone years ago offshore.
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lomo lens

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Need some alternatives to the holga lens for canon dslr.
Maybe a bad m42 vintage lens..
bonus for wide angle and bigger f than the holga.

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Reminder to go take photos and stop talking about pointless gear.

One (1) Whole roll

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Recent roll I developed
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