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film sim on video?

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Hey guys, I want to get into making movies, all my favourite movies are on film though and I just can't get into movies made on digital, I obviously can't afford film, especially for experimenting with stuff. ANyway, I heard that Fuji has film simulation, but I can't seem to find any info on whether it can be applied to video captured with their cameras? ALso if anyone has any tips on how to get that Panavision look, that would be awesome
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How are images such as this one made?
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Hey /p/hags, I know you only worth talking to about gear, so here’s gear question:
I work at the arts museum, shooting paintings, sculptures, reportsge for openings and stuff like that.
We don’t have too big of a budget to afford a medium or large format cameras, but we’re recently upgraded to Canon 5DS R body for maximum resolution with 100L lens for macro and 24-70L for general purpose.
Now my superiors are bitching to me about buying a second camera so me and my coworker could work simultaneously in the studio and in the “field”.
For me it just means that I get to have a camera to take home and shoot my own stuff, but I do need it to have all the same capacities.

So it’s probably going to be a second 5DS R for color correction compatibilty, but is there any viable alternatives?
Especially, is there any alternatives in terms of lenses worth looking into? Another set of 100 L prime and 24-70L combined might go overboard for budget. Like I would totally buy 50/1.2L for this to “replace” both, but it’s minimal focusing distance is less than desired, and Zeiss’ alternatives are manual-focused only, so reportage is out of the options for that one.
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Magnum Appreciation thread.

Let's post some kinos from the world's best photography agency.
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>Shooting tungsten film stock on daylight

Based or cringe?
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This is a photograph
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/fgt/ Film General Thread

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recent pic thread
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Who is the most overrated photographer? My vote goes to Gregory Crewdson.
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Why do film photos look so good even though they are not sharp and highly detailed like digital photos?
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