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Drop a photo and say what's on your mind anon
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absolute fucking film newbie here, just got my first roll developed.
Any tips on cutting down on noise in low light shots like this?
nikon FE2 // 50mm nikon series e // 200 ISO kodak colorplus
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Stero Photography

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Sharing some of my pics I took on a camping trip recently
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Picture i took.

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Why would you want to be limited to one focal length?
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/fag/ - Fuji Appreciation General

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18mm f1.4 edition

Don't forget to post photos!
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What is it about Russian porn that it seems so easily identifiable? Low saturation, low contrast, pastel tones... Why do they do it so differently than American mainstream porn?
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XT100 Bayer Sensor Worms Issue

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I was desperately in love with the idea of owning a Fujifilm camera. The retro styling, the metal look to the cameras and the idea of shooting digital with realistic looking film sims all made me very excited. So /p/ I did my research. Apparently X-Trans Fujis suffer from a "worms" issue, which only gets worse with sharpening. I like using prime lenses and having tack sharp images. Like any normal person then I avoided X-Trans cameras and got a XT100 which uses a normal Bayer sensor. But guess what? After my first day out taking photos with my new camera, when I opened them in Lightroom CC... They. Have. Worms. Too! I was furious. Weeks of research and I somehow missed checking if other non-XTRANS cameras would have the same worms problems.

Why do Fuji cameras have this issue? I can't even return this camera now because I used it too long. The build quality wasn't as nice as I had hoped and the film sims look like Instagram filters. I am really let down.
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I've been trying some abstract night photography. What do you think?
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