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Alright /p/haggots, how the FUCK do I learn how to cull properly & efficiently?
I've been shooting fairly casually for the past 2 - 3 years, but the culling process after each shoot has never gotten any easier. If anything it's gotten much harder with how much more "keepers" I'm getting nowadays vs. when I just started.
Please help me lads.
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How do I make this shit not look washed out? It's the only film available in my country.
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A question of historical importance.

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Setting aside picrel entirely, which is an unholy and impardonable abomination, is it morally/ethically acceptable/worthwhile to modify historically significant cameras in such a way as to improve them both aesthetically and practically?

Would removal of an old and trouble-prone timing device and replacement thereto with a supplementary lens and small digital capture/display, done in silver alloys of Grecian antiquity and not to an effeminate degree, be against Natural Law in such a way as to assuage the idea wholly,?; setting the camera aside restfully for burial in a sealed watertight casket and buried in the high desert among coyotes afield and aplenty—for some future xer to find and fuck it to death, yes some, but others found of men of renown who will build new reichdoms and xerbombers from the slain grotesque husks of the waves of WHORES who will fill the valleys and boroughs on every ROTTEN FUCKING WHORE PLANET until the whole universe is SUNDERED WHORING THING AND WE WILL TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR CORPSE YOU ABSOLUTE PIGS WITH NEW CAMERAS MADE FROM SUNS AND BLOT YOU OUT IN PERPETUITY AND FROM EVER HAVING THE POSSIBILITY TO EVER EXIST AGAIN SO HELP US BY POWER OF THE TRUE GOD YOU ARE SMITTEN AND REMOVED FOREVER AND FROM EVER YOU ABSOLUTE CUNTS

Kalki Camera Projekt Comfy Camera Catastrophe Cam

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Now streaming:
Exakta Repair*
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Come share your pictures ITT thank you.
*it is unknown how much Exakta repair will happen i am currently having noodles

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how should i go about shooting this infared black and white 120 film? it expired in 2005 and hasn't been refrigerated at all, it's been sitting in my mom's camera bag for over a decade, 2 or 3 of those years being in a garage. i know it's going to be hazy as fuck. should i go with the "expose by 1 stop every decade" meme or is that just bullshit?

Macro Thread

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Hey /p/, long time lurker here. What's with the lack of macro threads? Let's get one going, friends!

This is a self shot of my eye, can someone tell me what specific color it is? I'd just like to know.
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Cinestill 800t + Nikon f2 50mm f1.4

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Recent Photo Dump

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Just dumping some recent pics from the last couple months. Mostly drunken street adventures. Hopefully some of you like them.
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