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Military Photography thread. Stuff you've taken or stuff you saw and saved.

Getting ready for my fist deployment and I'm looking for some inspiration
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What's a good EXIF scrubber for Windows 10?

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It's fall you fuckers post some fuckin leafs
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Perfect camera does not exi---
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It's going to sweep the holiday season isn't it?
The perfect normie camera
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With the trend of fewer print publications and more digital screens being used, is it better for someone starting out to learn the techniques of videography than photography?
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Can a fella get a "good" Camera for cheap?

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I have a budget $150 USD. Whats the best picture I can get for $150? :^)
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lets see your best clouds /p
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Does anyone still has Tatsuo’s video for fujifilm?? Apparently fuji removed it from YouTube...
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Posing Males

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Hello /p/ I am trying to get into photography to look cool in my pics.

Doing research. Starting with poses. It seems males are really limited by poses, props, and accessories.

The male poses I see recommended by professionals are
>walking pic
>clothes adjusting


There's really only 5 poses males can do. Isn't this kind of absurd? I mean if you're outdoors you can't lean on walls and can only adjust your clothes so many times before it looks silly. How do people here get around this?