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Have anyone presets in lightroom please give a zip or anything with them
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What's her name?

/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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MFT or FF?

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So I'm at a crossroads right now. I've started photography as a hobby 3 months ago and I'm enjoying the shit out of it.

I started out with a cheap Olympus PL9 and had fun with it. I especially loved the IBIS.

After a month, I decided to invest in better gear and got me a second hand EM1 mk ii.

I'm having a blast with it with the size and such and the images are fantastic even for MFT.

But with how I like to take pictures are low-light situations, in the evenings through the streets, dimly lit rooms and such. I like playing with the lighting.

Image included is my favourite shot so far.

I've recently picked up a very cheap second hand canon 5D mk ii, trying to see what the fuss with FF was and if I'm missing out.

I've done image comparisons and while both are very sharp and detailed, if I pixel peep, I can see more noise in my EM1 shots.

I could see the textures of the petals of a flower I've taken with the 5D but I see a lot of noise with the EM1. The bokeh of FF is also very noticable compared to MFT.

I'm wondering if it's worth investing in a Canon R6 with IBIS. It's considerably more expensive along with the lenses. I can afford it if I sell my EM1 along with the lenses I have.

Is it worth it? My biggest gripe with the canon and their RF lenses are their price.
I can live with the extra weight, I'm not old yet.

I can get a second hand Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 pro for only 920 euros on the second hand market. And it's an excellent lens as far as reviews I've watched go.
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What if someone made an AI that made people take only good photos.

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Then soon instagram would be filled with Iphone photos that look professionally taken.

Would /p/ folks begin to take bad or weird photos just to differentiate themselves from the rest?
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What are some /p/ approved games?
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/EGGY/ General - Neo-nazi edition

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Big freedom rally yesterday and some interesting media declared characters out superspreading the coof
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color grading

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What are some contemporary resources on color grading?
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Is sharpness just a meme??

I have never seen a photo and thought "wow if this wasn't sharp it would be trash" or "wow if this was sharp it would be good".
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