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CCD Thread

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Post pics with CCD sensors.
West Texas. Powershot G11

Don't worry. I bumped a gear thread off the back of the catalog with this.
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Vivian Maiser, based and retard?

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Vivian Maier’s pictures were found after she died, I’m wondering you think of her? Is she interesting just because she took pictures of the past and nostalgia is interesting as a record of past Chicago? Is she like what “am I a talented photography” will get to with sharper focus in a city setting? I appreciate how she’s not a nophoto but what is her appeal if any? I appreciated how she wasn’t looking for fame, is this pure passion of photography? Is it based to take a bunch of pics without trying to learn or improve? Even a site saying she’s the best street photographer says this:
>(Maier’s are mostly of poor quality.)
Is she the type that nan fans like too? Is it volume that matters? This was film, she treated film a lot like like taking digital, along with tons of selfies.
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>camera has only one memory card slot
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/vid/ - Video General

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2020 II: Return of the Outrage Special Edition
All video related questions and discussion is intended for this thread. Here we discuss techniques, gear and anything else related to capturing video footage. Please don't pretend to be an expert if you don't know what you're talking about. Kindly leave your ego at the door.
Posting short films/scripts or other work you've done is encouraged.
We tend to use and recommend DSLRs/mirrorless cameras because they provide phenomenal picture quality for their price, have large sensors (ie the same size used in high-end cinema cameras and higher) and have interchangeable lenses.
In contrast, consumer camcorders normally have much smaller sensors and a fixed lens.

>STICKY - https://textbin.net/xv9ls4ozjh
>Helpful guide, additional books and more in-depth FAQs - https://web.archive.org/web/20200926115310/https://pastebin.com/kG0gRmTZ


Previous thread >>3964542

Quick FAQS
>what’s the best camera available on a “budget”?
The blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k
>>what’s a good beginner video camera?
Anything that works, shoots at least 1080p and preferably has interchangeable lenses. Any recommendation beyond that will cause arguments so read the fucking sticky if that isn't satisfactory.
>Can I use a zoom lens for video?
>Do I need cine lenses?
>Do I need 4k?
No. It will make your footage look sharper if it’s in focus, and it gives you breathing room in post. But 1080p is still absolutely fine
>Can someone tell me if my video is any good?
Yes, but be prepared to receive harsh criticism. If you're going to waste 5 minutes of our time with a shitty out-of-focus montage of nothing then we'll tell you that it's crap
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anyone who peddles this 'your first new lens should be a prime' advice needs taken out back and fucking shot

your first new lens should always be a zoom to cover the focal range you're missing, then from there pick a prime in the focal length you use the most

fuck youtubers

>t. fell for it and now has an expensive prime collecting dust
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Fuji now second best camera maker in Japan?

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They just overtaken Sony, stomped on Nikon and are quickly gaining even Canon.
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Fujifilm GFX System

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I have some money sitting on my bank account and before I let it rot there I thought of buying a GFX. Always enjoyed my Fuji X cameras but whenever I checked some Flickr I found that the GFX pictures always have something "more". The level of detail and that depth they render is amazing.

What I'm not sure about is to wether buy the GFX 50R which is the cheapest right now (around 3000€), the GFX 50S II which comes with IBIS or go all in and get the 100S. I kinda tend to the 50R and rather buy an additional lens instead. But can someone answer me the following? If I compare the exact same picture taken of the 50R and 100S on my computer screen.. what I note any difference? Does the 100S offer a better rendering or more detail? Sure if I zoom in probably or if I would do big prints.. but other than that? Is it worth twice the price?
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is the EOS Digital Rebel T2i (550D) still good for a poor beginner?
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You guys really don't use /p/ for advice and/or a crutch for not taking photos right?

You aren't taking photos and learning about composition, proper exposure, lighting and perspective by yourself and by the use of people who don't really know about subjective skill right?

Go on, go outside and shoot, stop hurting yourself here.
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Truck Camera

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What's your ideal truck camera look like? Something that's high enough quality that you can get much better photos with it than your phone, but inexpensive enough that you're not going to be heartbroken when future doctors/engineers/rappers take their reparations from slavery out of the contents of your vehicle late at night?

I am thinking Canon 50D or 60D. Talk me out of it.
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