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Took my X-Pro1 out for the first time in a while, still love the 35 1.4.
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Fall /comfy/ thread

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Looking to see if any of you frens out there captured any cool fall pictures yet. Picture related but not mine.
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/SQT/ General - Stupid Question Thread

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Post stupid questions that need no extra thread.
Use /gear/ for gear related stupid questions.
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What are some of your favorite photo books?
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Home Photography Thread

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Ran chan!
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Sasa Am I a talented photographer?
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/POG/ Pentax Orgy General

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Based Edition.

Post some hella pics my dudes.
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Found Film Ukraine Project

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Hey guys,

After some requests, I'm going to share the process of scanning a Soviet film archive I found on the front-line of the Donbas war a few years ago.

I have finally found some time to get my teeth into this, and a few companies have sent over gear and software to help me out.

You can find the full story behind the discovery and project here. In reality, it's a bit less dramatic than it's made out in the articles.

So far I have scanned around 30 rolls of film, and have about 200 still to go - maybe more. I'm not super experienced with digitizing film, so any advice and tips to improve the process are very appreciated!

Canon 5D IV + Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro
Kaiser Lightboard plus pixl-latr film holder
Negative Lab Pro and Lightroom
Running display to tv for focusing, and using some random trigger.

I will keep u guys updates thought the process over the next couple of weeks and share some of the pics I uncover.
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