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Why do I use this thingy instead of the screen to take photos? What advantages does it give?
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/RPT/ - Recent Photos Thread

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Post your recent photos here. You're also encouraged to comment on other peoples photos.
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Is this a good photo?
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Best camera around 500€ for wildlife photography / videography ?
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>want to shoot film
>only place in the country that sells rolls only has Fuji C200
>take them for development
>they scratch the film and scans look like shit
Should I give up and turn to digital?

Will photography be dead in 10 years?

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Does anyone else here fear that photography as both a hobby and a profession will become dead in 10 years?

When smartphone sales began to eat into the point-and-shoot market, we assured ourselves that sales of our beloved DSLRs and mirrorless cameras wouldn't be affected.

This remained true... at least for a while. But now if you look at DSLR and mirrorless camera sales, they are dropping too (pic related). DSLR sales have plummeted by 60% over the past 8 years, and the small rise in mirrorless sales hasn't even been nearly enough to make up for this drop.

Dear God/gods and/or anyone else who can help me (e.g. members of superintelligent alien civilizations): The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of Finn McMillan formerly of South New Brighton at 8 years old and keep it that way forever. I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body! Thank you! - Chaul Jhin Kim (a.k.a. A Desperate Soul) P.S. If anyone is reading this then please pray for me!

Meanwhile, companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have been pouring billions of dollars into developing technologies like AI-powered automatic scene recognition. It used to be the case that what distinguished an amateur photographer from a professional was that the amateur would simply point their camera at an object and take a picture without changing any settings on their camera while professionals would have the expertise and know-how to adapt and modify their camera's settings to make the resulting photograph as visually stunning as possible. But now it seems we are nearing an age where AI can do just as good a job as any human.

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pros and cons of using auto iso?
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/fag/ Fuji Appreciation General

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Last threa reached bump limit.
Just received this. Much better than the X-E4 and only 100 grams difference.
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How do I achieve this dreamy effect in my photos?
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Post your RAW files here and others will edit them, this is to encourage learning and how others edit your work

im gonna share an entire folder of RAWs i have for you guys to fuck with, including my portraits

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street photography

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>walk through the city for a couple hours
>feel really weird holding a camera
>glance around in different directions and around corners for compositions
>probably look like a super sketchy piece of shit
>feel nervous and guilty and shitty for 2 hours straight
>miss a few obvious opportunities because it feels like you're a fucking faggot
>take a roll of completely useless photos of nothing because they were easy to get
>go home and feel like shit
>consider exposing the roll to the sun to avoid having to look at it later
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