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What focal length is closest to the human eye?
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a Aam I a talented photographer?
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How did a startup create the best camera bag against the likes of lowepro and manfrotto?

Only downside i've seen about the bag is you get some lines where the mag latch elastic is
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Nice View

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Was taking a walk, thought it looked nice.
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I've been looking for a good reason to get off of 4chan and this guy explains it. You don't need to see my photos. No one needs to see any of your photos. Go take photos for the joy of taking photos you enjoy, and stop shitting on one another for someone else having taken a photo you personally don't like. I need to take some time to think about why I actually take photos, and I hopefully won't come back (though my sense of self is in such constant flux that I'll likely be back at some point for more validation that I am doing a good job with my photos)
>the irony when the nophotos were in the right all along

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What's a good image asset management program?
What's a good image management workflow?

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Why does it still trigger /p/fags today?
Some smartphones are simply able to do better than any Sony DSC or whatever obsolete design you bought into like a good goyim
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/RPT/ - Recent Photos Thread

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Post your recent photos here. You're also encouraged to comment on other peoples photos.

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why didn't it caught on?
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