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What's the best medium-format film camera I can get that isn't overpriced as fuck?
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/comfy flowers/ - thread

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post comfy flowers in here
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/110 Film General/

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I love this silly little format. Post your 110 pics and discuss if there's any cameras worth having besides the minolta zoom slr mkii.
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Can anyone help me with this film SLR?

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I pulled a Canon T70 out of storage and it seems to mostly work.

The issue lies with the shutter.The shutter will release when the SR button is pressed but will only close part of the way as shown in pic related.

At this point, the camera will freeze mechanically. But when I give it any electrical input (battery check button or even a half-press on shutter button) the film sprocket will advance, the shutter will close, and the mirror will return.

Anyone have the same issue?
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Had to take a couple days off, but to continue:

This is

Forest Products - 08/06/1986
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How do you take advantage of the available autofocus features to always nail focus on moving close by subjects? Eg. people or pets from 4-15 feet, who will often move towards you randomly
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I know that you can modify one of these little fuckers to be a normal camera whose film you can repeatedly replace (at the potential cost of electrocuting yourself), but are there other mods you can do to point-and-shoot and low-zoom film cams to make them at least comparable to a standard film camera that can do focus/zoom/etc?
I really only ask because I purchased a minolta xg-m for super cheap a few months but its starting to break down mechanically and it may be awhile before I can find another nice film camera for cheap
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What's the consensus on film grain simulations?
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Long exposure photography

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Post pics with long exposures.

Also a thread for tips and advice regarding long exposures.
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What's the best affordable Filmscanner out there?
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