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Perfect camera does not exi---
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— Photo Challenge —

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• Theme: Triangles. Use triangles in composition
• Deadline: October 3.

Triangle, although a simple shape, is a strong compositional element. It gives flow to the image. It is everywhere, often caught unawares to photographer. It can be a visual triangle, a pyramid, it can be only implied by subjects, it can even be vague and only hinted at. Think of compositions tying three dots, three objects, or have even have a whole scene composed of triangles.

• Photo must be taken during the timeline. Images taken before this thread was started won't count.
• Post images with exif, if possible.
• Three images max.
• After the competition ends, all valid images will be posted for voting. There will be one vote per anon.
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Camera Repair Thread

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Anyone fix their own shit? You do fix your own cameras, don't you?

My most recent repair, RF calibration, basic CLA on this Fuji GS645S. The rod that slides the RF back and forth was gunked up and I pulled it apart and cleaned it.
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How do people get such clean frozen shots at night? Is ISO a joke to them? They dont look like wide open shots either
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Posing Males

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Hello /p/ I am trying to get into photography to look cool in my pics.

Doing research. Starting with poses. It seems males are really limited by poses, props, and accessories.

The male poses I see recommended by professionals are
>walking pic
>clothes adjusting


There's really only 5 poses males can do. Isn't this kind of absurd? I mean if you're outdoors you can't lean on walls and can only adjust your clothes so many times before it looks silly. How do people here get around this?

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How do you call placing drawn characters on photos?
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Why does it have so many upvotes

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Is this a high quality photograph?

She posted one a few days ago also and all the comments were praising her.

What is her special talent?
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/DTT/ - darktable thread

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darktable thread
>what modules do you like the most
>what modules do you hate
>what modules do you not even know what it's supposed to do
>histogram or waveform
>how autistic do you get with masks
>why does the profiled de-noise turn every image into blurry baby poo
>tips + tricks
all this and more
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50mm is the best focal length right? You can get a close photo enough without getting too close physically and it’s wide enough to be able to fit a bit of scenery around.
If you could only use one for the rest of your life, which would you go for?
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