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why didn't it caught on?
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>5 gorrilion pointless """"""kodachrome"""""" recipes that don't look like film anyway
>not a single recipe emulating CCD colors of classic digital cameras
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film rangefinder vs film SLR

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i want to get into film photography. are film rangefinders (preferably those with AF like contax g/konica hexar af) worth the money? i know that in theory they should produce better pictures (no moving mirror = less vibrations = sharper images) but i'm not sure if that justifies the huge price difference between similar SLR & rangefinder setups (canon eos 50e + 28mm 2.8 = $200, contax g1 + 28mm 2.8 = $1000)
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Smart phone photography

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This thread is for smart phone photographers. We can show the ilc copers that we can create kino just as good as they can. Look at this f1. 0 equivalent aperture shot.
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What's the best compact for stills and video?
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Are there any cameras similar to the Epson RD-1 that people recommended for film emulation type photos?
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/ihg/ - Industrie- und Handelsgesellschaft General

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ITT we talk about the modern wonders of Ihagee's camera line, including but not limited to the Exakta, aka, a fine and noble piece of photographic equipment suitable for all lovers of photography
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Inspired by >>3875696, I was curious to see if people could actually tell if a photo was taken on a thicc Sony sensor stack or a slender, extremely-microlens'd Leica sensor, so here's a little test.

Here's 14 random pictures I took the other day walking around the city. Half of them are taken with a Sony A7 II, the other half with a Leica M9. Lenses are either a 7Artisans 35/2 or a Voigtländer Ultron 28/1.9, which I sort of swapped back and forth as I was walking around, but I'm not sure if I favored one or the other on one or the other camera in the final 14 shots I took.

See if you can guess which are from which camera.
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/DST/ Digishit Thread

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ITT, you post pictures taken with shitty digicams.

Everything still matters like composition and lighting, but you have to use the shittiest digital compact you have, bonus points if you don't have to resize to get under 1000px longest side. Digital artifacts are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. OP picture has two dead pixels.

All gear discussion ITT should be about finding the shittiest gear and shooting with it.
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