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Instagram review thread part deux

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You know the drill. Post your gram, but you have to review others.
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As requested, I'm starting my own thread. To begin, I'll repost a good list of people to look at for inspiration:
August Sander
Evelyn Hofer
Bruce Wrighton
Malick Sibide
Hiroh Kikai
Andrea Modica
Richard Avedon
Judith Joy Ross
Michael Joseph
Bryan Schutmaat
Bruce Davidson
Karlheinz Weinberg
Mike Disfamer
Katy Grannan
EJ Belloq
Peter Hujar
John Myer
David Hilliard
Larry Sultan
Doug Dubois
nother list
Zanele Muholi
Matthew Brady
Ilse Bing
Diane Arbus
Lee Miller
Vivian Maier
Lee Friedlander
Robert Mapplethorpe
Peter Hujar
Cindy Sherman
Phil Toledano
Nan Goldin
Elinor Carucci
Jen Davis
Latoya Ruby Frazier
Shen Wei
Evan Blaise Walsh
Jess Dugan
Pieter Hugo
Masahisa Fukase
Larry Clark
Elinor Carucci
Will Steacy
Duane Michaels
Phillip-Lorca Dicorcia
Tom Bianchi
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/dst/ - Digishit Thread

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post ur snaps from old, obsolete, or just grubby digicams

The following are tolerated and encouraged:
-sandpaper fruit loops noise
-no dynamic range
-glitches from dying A/D converter

don't worry about resizing, you can get fast download speeds in the middle of the fucking amazon jungles these days. let's see that

bonus points for ridiculous gear
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sharing some pics i made in the last months, pls let me know what you think
any feedback and tips are appreciated, just started with photography and want to become better
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General threads are best.

Discus: pentax bodies, lenses, and sweet v i n t a g e glass.
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RX100 M3 untethering settings

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When I try to run aperture mode the shutter speed at 1.8 on my M3 is atrocious and I can't find a way to 'untether' them if that's even possible or get the piece of shit to not run 1" shutter even at higher ISO.

How can I shoot good bokeh with this thing at 1" shutter time on A-Priority?
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Camera Repair Thread

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Anyone fix their own shit? You do fix your own cameras, don't you?

My most recent repair, RF calibration, basic CLA on this Fuji GS645S. The rod that slides the RF back and forth was gunked up and I pulled it apart and cleaned it.
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Can a fella get a "good" Camera for cheap?

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I have a budget $150 USD. Whats the best picture I can get for $150? :^)
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Night shots/portraits

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been a hot minute /p/, im gonna dump some lowlight portraits ive taken and the usual night shots i do

Anyways, feel free to post your lowlight shots here too

Also, if anyone wants the RAW file to any of these pics to edit and mess around with, just tell me which one and ill upload a link for ya
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/SQT/ - Smart Questions Thread (previously stupid questons thread)

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— Post smart photographic questions in this thread.
— Post stupid gear questions in /Gear/ thread.

There is 0.5% chance that your potential smart question was already posted in previous /SQT/: >>3739066
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