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Portrait thread
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CAR pics

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unleash the /o/tist in you
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Instagram thread, post your feed shot and add eachother if you like what you see

Looking to make some friends, havent been really into photography for like 2 years
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instagram is kind of a shit platform and I don't want to play the game.

wanting to post some of my pics from the past 4 or 5 years as backup and for reflection's sake, was thinking of returning to Flickr as I have a free account with only 200 photos uploaded, I could easily clear it out and make room.

The topic is mostly travelogue and kind of stuff, from PRC, USA and Western Europe. I am just hesitant to upload on Flickr because there's maybe just a better platform to post groups of photographs with maybe some text?

I think I have too many photos for Substack or Medium, though, perhaps something similar exists.

Will bump with some pics
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Bought a used GR3 that has a big dust on the sensor. What are options for getting rid of it? Any DIY tricks?
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Home Photography
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/p/, help me get good examples of well framed/interesting poses for self portraits when you don't have a good background. Also, what kind of lightning should I use if I have acne scars and shitty skin?
For those reasons I usually just take photos of myself with a phone, because with my DSLR I look like a monster.

Yes, another gear thread

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Does anybody have a "truck camera"? Similar to a truck gun except a camera. Basically, something that strikes a good balance between being a capable camera, so you can always have a DSLR with you, even when you don't, and also being inexpensive enough that you won't miss it in case minorities get inside your vehicle.

I'm sort of thinking that a Canon 50D could do the trick. The body is only $150, but the resolution is pretty shit. The 60D is obviously much more modern, but $100 more expensive and I don't like the 5 way controller in place of the AF joystick.

I don't want to get hung up on brand. Are there any good Nikon, Sony or Pentax camera bodies worth considering? A part of me kind of likes the fact that you can get Sony NEX bodies for really cheap, but I hate the interface and lack of physical buttons.
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Game Screenshots

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Post your game screenshots
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Post photos to make up for gear threads
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