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Who are some photographers who take a lot of candid pictures of pretty girls in public? I want some reference to see if my style is ok or too much
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Software needed to process high speed video?

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Is there any special software needed to process high speed video footage?

My nephew recently finished a history project where he made a scale model of a historic building for a school contest (he won in his school and got honorable mention on the county level), and now that the judging is finished, he wants to blow it up with tannerite. I want to film this with a high speed camera. I found a place where they can be rented. Do I need any special software in order to process the footage?
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kodachrom kodachrome kodachrome kodachrome kodahcrme
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Your favorite photo

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Everyone has that one photo they took that they love for no real reason. Sure you may have taken better ones but for some reason that particular one stands out. Post yours here.

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>can finally afford all the gear i want
>nothing to shoot
>no friends to do photoshoots with
>no gf

I am so depressed. I should just kill myself
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War Photographer AMA

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G'day guys

I have been working as a war reporter and photojournalist for the last three years. I've been lucky enough for my photography to take me on crazy adventures around the globe and luckier to have survived them all.

Happy to answer any question about the line of work, and share some stories over the next few days while I sort my archive.

I am also trying to get the number on Instagram up, so I can justify uploading more photographs – if you are interested or just want to help out give me a follow @samjeder
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Help Ken and his growing family!

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How much do you donate?
Y-You do donate, don‘t you?
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Abandoned Photography Thread

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post what is unexplored by the majority of the public.
always ask for permission guys ;)
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What's that thing on the tripod for? It just keeps springing up when I screw the camera on.
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I restored my kodak retina iia

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The beamsplitter had lost its silvering and the lenses were covered in old condensated grease

I cut out a new beamsplitter piece, readjusted the rangefinder and cleaned up the elements.

Now it works flawlessly and im gonna put a roll of kentmere 100 in it tomorrow
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