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Is there a good compact point and shoot digital that would be a significant upgrade to a cheap smartphone's camera for under $200? Looking to get an upgrade for my mom as a gift since she hates her phone's camera but I can't afford to just buy her a flagship phone and it needs to be something she can carry easily in her purse.
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Take some photos.

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Post what you consider your best photo taken in 2021.
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Need Tips

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Family asked me to go take family portraits for them by the beach in a couple of hours. I've only just recently gotten into photography. Any suggestions?
p.s The camera I'm working with is a Cannon EOS 20D.. not the best, but it's what I got.
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Isn't that so?

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"Photography is our exorcism. Primitive society had its masks, bourgeois society its mirrors. We have our images."

— Jean Baudrillard
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image processor bias for screens

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I went through some of my old photos. Early 5d, canon/sony/pentax pnshoot... I noticed that exposures on sooc jpegs are all perfect for print, but need to be severely modified to look good on screen. Higher contrast, lower shadows, less sharpening, lowered saturation. All my modern cameras are just the opposite, sooc files look great on screen, only need slight modifications, but when preparing them for print, they need to be processed extensively.

I'm wondering if this is because screens have changed so much in this time, or is it because change of priorities now that printing is rare.
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Will I regret buying this as my first camera?
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>Interlaced formats are being less and less supported on cameras
>4k interlaced isn't even a thing
Will it become the next "retro look"?
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I don't understand why people buy these?
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