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Nikon FE2

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Hey /p/, I just bought a Nikon FE2. It's my first Nikon. It's coming in the mail from Japan to Australia. What should I expect? What do you think of my choice? Good cam? Tips/tricks?
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Hi /p/
A friend of mine gifted me this camera and lenses. I’m not a photographer so I’m wondering where do I even start with all this? Is there anything I need or should buy? Most of the stuff on YouTube is just people talking and I feel filtered. Thanks.
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Is it realistic/feasible to be into both video and photography on a purely hobby level?
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You will literally never take a photograph this genius. Why even live?
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Why does it seem every photographers work is always so serious? How come there's never any fun or humour in galleries and exhibitions?
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Am I missing the photography experience by not giving into gearfaggotry? Feels like everyone just talks about gear all day
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i don't like modern, high quality cameras. they give of that reddit soiboi consoomer feel. too sterile and soulless.

Lumix G7 (2021 second hand)

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Is the Lumix G7 the way to go if you want a general purpose camera on a budget? Is the G9 worth the price difference? The G7 looks awesome and the 4K is incredible for that price, but the autofocus (something that apparently isn't a problem anymore for the G9 because muh firmware) and the lack of stabilization worries me. Maybe another brand/model?

What would you get if money is something that really worries you, and you goal is to record a few quality vids for posterior post processing and squeeze Manual mode/RAW for pictures?
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Was he treated unfairly?
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35 mm photography

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