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Best budget camcorder setup for youtube videos?

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Want to make some youtube videos, not for money so I'm not expecting a return on investment. Budget like 300$ all-inclusive, with camera, tripod, microphone etc. Mostly done outside in clearings or in the forest during the daytime so lighting won't be an issue I guess. Where do I get started?
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>Sony discontinues its last DSLRs
And nothing of value was lost.
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how to replicate this sharpening/image degradation that smartphones do on a RAW photo taked by a fullframe?
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wait am I supposed to be using the flash on my camera
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35mm Movie Film Camera

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How much would it cost to purchase an old film camera that say, Stanley Kubrick used to use ? With lenses too
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Gearfags on suicide watch
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Nights in square

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Hi /p/,
Hope you're doing well with the covid stuff ongoing.
I have some night photos to share with you. Hope you like this photo dump~
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The new queen of /p/

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* DING DING DING DING* Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.
I have gathered you here today for a very special occasion, I do not wish to keep you here against your wishes so I will make this brief, it is an honor to introduce you to our new queen "Micro Four Nerds".
May she prosper and achieve great things.
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The Future of Photography

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Where do you dumb dumbs think photography is headed as we slowly march into the future?

Compact bodies died ten years ago.
"Real" camera sales are circling the drain.
Photokina is dead.
Instagram is dead.
Flickr is dead.
Product photography is dead, all the big companies now use CGI for ads.

There are no great, famous photographers generating headlines like Gursky did two decades ago.

What's left? What's the future hold? Will video kill the photography star? Will it even survive as an art form?
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