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Share your photos. Whatever category, as long as they are yours.
Be nice, be mean. Whatever floats your boat. Everyone take comments how you want.
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Night shots and mist.

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Went out Monday night and took advantage of the lockdown rules in France to get some empty street nigh shots.
Criticism welcomed.
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Flickr page, what do you think?

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should i buy a camera NOW or wait a few months?

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im looking to get a nikon d3x00, ebay has quite a few that are similar price/value so i dont particularly care which. i was wondering when i should get one tho. do prices usually drop much in january or february from refunds/regrets? are prices usually high now til xmas/new year? do i just get one now because theyre always the same? i assume it doesnt vary between models
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Album Art Ideas

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Hey guys, /mu/tant here. Do you have any images you'd like to see used as album art? Post them in this thread! I'd love to see what you guys have in stock.
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critique thread

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Hi /p
photo crit thread
post your photos and receive criticism in order to hone your craft and become a better photographer
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How do you call placing drawn characters on photos?
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Canon 7 VS P VS VI-L
Which one should I pick for a cheapo LTM rangefinder?
I mainly use 50mm lenses, in second hand I use 85mm and 28mm equally as much.

I can't find much clear information between these three cameras so maybe you guys have some suggestions to help me choose.
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Military Photography thread. Stuff you've taken or stuff you saw and saved.

Getting ready for my fist deployment and I'm looking for some inspiration
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