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hey /p/. what'd i miss?
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Unpopular Photography Opinions

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Post your unpopular opinions here!

I'll start:
>I like busy bokeh with a slight bubble effect on it like from vintage lenses, and catseye bokeh is a bonus not a flaw
>Nikon is a great company with fantastic lenses and bodies, and the Z system is powerful
>24 megapixels is plenty
>landscape photography is almost always incredibly boring
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Photography is Dead

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All art pales in comparison to music. No one cares about photography, it can't convey emotion like music or literature or touch it can touch the deepest part of our subjectivity. And there are too many photographs already in the world(3.2 billion images are being shared everyday on internet), everyone is a self proclaimed photographer these days, everything has been photographed to the point of utter absurdity and meaninglessness. So why should anyone keep doing photography? Why should anyone bother with photography? If everyone is doing it then it is already meaningless, a rotten corpse and dead. No one gives a fuck about anyone's snapshits except his own, I mean even self proclaimed photographers don't even give a single shit about the most famous and critically acclaimed photographers or so what are you expecting? People can maybe recognize few famous photographs but most can't name the photographers. Majority of so called photographers don't know the ABC of photography's art history so what are you struggling towards? Recognition? Few dopamine hits? Immortality through art? Why are you're taking these photographs? And for whom? Don't say yourself because you share them on internet to get (You)s but when thread will be over or when someone will scroll past your photo on Instagram, after looking at it for 2 seconds it will be forgotten and lost in the gutters of internet, forever. All will perish.
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regrouping all photos of this series in a single thread.
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Is the EOS RP a good intro to FF cameras? I don't care about video, so the widespread criticism of its video features (or rather, lack thereof) don't bother me.

I've been shooting APS-C for 7 years and want to join the FF crowd. Here's the FF lenses I have so I at least have stuff to start with:

>Tamron G2 24-70 2.8
>Tamron G2 70-200 2.8
>Sigma Art 50 1.4

All my lenses and flashes are in the Canon ecosystem so I can't really laterally move to Sony or Fuji without spending a lot on adapters.
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Medium Format

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A thread for you /MF/ers to post shots taken with your 645 to 6x9 photos. I'll get things started with one I shot on my Voigtländer.
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DAm I a talented photographer?
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My gfs sister paid $500 for 45 minutes with a photographer. He was terrible and took extremely basic shots with horrible plugin filter editing. This is a legit side job. I am now going to become a photographer.
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Best camera and lens for portrait photos?
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