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>Microsoft to buy activison Blizzard for 68.7 billion
>Sony Stock drop 20 billion over night

Will snoy fags ever recover? Jokes on the fags who went into a consumer electronic ecosystem rather than a camera company

Who's the most based photography youtuber?

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Seems like we should always have one of these. Here are a few of mine with no particular theme.
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>it's just gear threads

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Using a GR III for landscape

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I am thinking of getting a GR III with the wide angle conversion lens for a portable landscape/outdoor option.
It has a large sensor for its size, shoots sharp and 28mm (and 21mm with the wide lens) would feel like a good fit. And from what i see online it has great stabilization, which would allow for shots that otherwise might need a tripod.

Please tell me if this idea is retarded or not, I have no experience with those compact snapshot cameras, as I am on a a7.
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Leica Q3

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I was wanting to get the Leica Q2, but just heard the Q3 "leaked" and will be probably announced this year.

Would it be worth waiting or is the Q2 good enough?
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Feeling tired

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New and used
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Post your birds, squirrels, deer, etc. in here
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Outdoors and Nature

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Outdoors and Nature thread.
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I need a camera to fit this lens I bought for astrophotography anyone have any recommendations?
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