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Best camera and lens for portrait photos?
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Instagram thread

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These threads still allowed?


Plus I'm looking for some photography to follow, and I like keeping it small.

Username: Spiral_photo
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How do you take good photos in a planted forest?
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humble newfag with a gay and cringe question

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hey /p/, it's my first time on your board and I have a really stupid question I can only assume will get shit all over, but I know you anons know your stuff so I'm going to shoot my shot

I know absolutely nothing about cameras or photography, I am amazed at the photos and videos I've seen posted here
I am preparing to start making sit-down "vlog" videos with my brother and on my own, and I need some real dummy advice on what I should get for a fair beginner price

I also enjoy taking pictures of the beach and mountains and nature whenever I can so if it's even possible I'd love something useful for both settings

pic related is from my samsung s10 in cabo, it's probably dogshit but it's the only pic I'm even sort of proud of at all

sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance frens
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— Photo Challenge 18 —

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• Theme: Trees
• Deadline: From September 15 to October 11.

Take sylvan photography. Branches, forests, leaves, trunks, stumps, and even bushes and roots.

• Photo must be taken during the timeline. Images taken before this thread was started won't count.
• Post images with exif, if possible. If you can't, just state that they were taken during the timeline.
• Three entries per photographer max.
• After the competition ends, all valid images will be posted for voting.

• You're encouraged to post your images that fit the theme even if they're out of competition.
• You may title your images if you wish.
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Ho do I take photos of a mountain when I climb the mountain ?
I only manage to get shitty snapshit
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Ricoh GR alternative

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Cheaper, same size, comparable image quality

Want a small camera to carry around 24/7 because my mirrorless is a hassle
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Should I buy my mom a p950, a rx10 III, or something else for her to take pictures off her porch of animals? Her birthday is next month.
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You guys getting the new 40mm ricoh gr 3x?
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Photography Web Platform

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I was thinking about building a new web platform to share high fidelity photographs. Since I am just starting out with photography, l noticed that there really isn't a great platform to share high fidelity pictures, do you agree?

Flickr would be your best bet, but there's a lot of points that keep me away from it.

Would you be interested in such platform? What would be the most important feature you'd like to see? (How much) would you be willing to pay for access to such platform?
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