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Photography Outfit

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What's your photography outfit?
I usually dress like pic related when I go out to shoot so people know that I'm a professional and questioning my art would be so audacious that only death would be an appropriate punishment.
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Critique Thread

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>Browse for days
>No critique thread

Leave a review, get a review
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Why is colour photography considered new and not an artistic medium until William Eggleston started? Colour films never had this reputation, why does colour photography?
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the camera that single-handedly saved photography and convinced an entire generation of people to join the hobby
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I'm new to night sky photography
Any tips?
Also post night skies
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/DST/ Digishit Thread

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ITT, you post pictures taken with shitty digicams.

Everything still matters like composition and lighting, but you have to use the shittiest digital compact you have, bonus points if you don't have to resize to get under 1000px longest side. Digital artifacts are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. OP picture has two dead pixels.

All gear discussion ITT should be about finding the shittiest gear and shooting with it.
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/apg/ Automotive Photography General

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Welcome to the first Auto Photography General. Discussing all things automotive photography.



Photo - visionsmediia
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Anyone got recommendations for a camera I can hide in my clothes? Like a spy cam? I want to get footage for my youtubes.

And no, it's not for creeper shots. I can do those on my phone. I want to be able to video places I go without people knowing they're on camera so I can get natural looking footage.
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Yes its a lens manufacturer making a cheep sub 1k android camera but at least its showcasing theres a want for a camera OS that isn't completely dogshit that looks like it came from the early 2000s. Paying thousands of dollars for a FLAGSHIP like the A1and the touch screen controls are using frustrating touch physics from like the first android OS, and the OS for all cameras is just a prebaked, limited customability, series of menus. I mean jesus, is it too much to ask for the ability to get an app that gets all the information like waveforms or zebras juuuust right overlapped with just the right opacity/color/scale/ability to turn off/on.

I know they wanna save money and put this off as much as possible to save on cost and engineering time.

When are the Big 3 gonna have Android OS?
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>dslr has crop sensor
>it doesn't produce any harvestable crops
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