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Anyone picking up new gear this black friday/cyber monday? Looking for a second lens for my X-T2 + 35mm f2 setup, keep going back and forth between the Viltrox 56 and 23

/DTT/ - darktable thread

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darktable thread
>what modules do you like the most
>what modules do you hate
>what modules do you not even know what it's supposed to do
>histogram or waveform
>how autistic do you get with masks
>why does the profiled de-noise turn every image into blurry baby poo
>tips + tricks
all this and more
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What will C1 do to blow Adobe into recession this time?

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sony thread for sony shooters

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*post sony gear photos here
*post sony gear questions here
*post sony photos here
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Is this a good deal for a starter camera kit? Seemed like a steal and I already ordered one.
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Some Photos!!!

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In this thread, I return to post some more photos that I have taken and which were taken by me and which I'll post in this thread. Some of these are really spicy ones! I hope you like spice in your photos. Personally, a little bit of spice is okay, but not too much. I've seen some photos which are all spice and not flavour. This doens't work, because I don't know what I'm supposed to be tasting! A man cannot survive on chilli peppers alone; they need to be mashed into a paste and then made into sauce and put onto chicken wings or a similar sort of food. It's better that way. If you try to eat just chilli peppers you will surely tear a hole in your stomach, because they're all spice with no substance. Where are the oils? The salts? The nutrition? Food needs to be more than one flavour, and also have some sort of value to it beyond the flavour it carries. Otherwise you'd just eat sugar cereals all day like a damn kid! Your teeth would rot from your head and you'd have a hole in your stomach, and not the ones that are supposed to be there at either end.

I hope you enjoy my photos.
Gosh darn,
Love you all,
Wishing you the best,
Stephen "Jordan (the Country)" Anonymous
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I just bought a Z6. Did I make a mistake?
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Nikon photo contest

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What do you thing about this? You planning on participating?
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Pictures of bugs

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I took this picture of a spider. I think it's pretty good. Do you have any pictures of bugs too?
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