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recent shots from work

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collection of pics ive taken at work these last few months, working on more night stuff as well
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Looking to buy a 35mm 1.4 prime for my Canon 5D mark III. I already have a Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art, but the autofocus is faulty at times. And that's not helpful in concerts or generally when you quickly need to land the shot.

So I am thinking of a Canon lens. Any thoughts or other recommendations?
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>low light photography for compart cameras and smartphones
DSLR Boomers and Mirrorless cucks on suicide watch
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Night Shots

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Hey guys, been a while, shits been whack on my side of life, but ive been busy getting more lowlight shots lined up

i want to emphasize that i tried my very hardest to do minimal editing on these, other than brightening and using VSCO as a base for the colors, i DO NOT want to overcook pics anymore, you guys have made that clear for like 4 years now lol. So please let me know how i did on these, i have a tendency to go full sperg on the saturation

anyways, feel free to post your own lowlight shots here too, the more photos the better
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Starting my own dump thread because /p/ needs more photo threads. Hopefully you enjoy. feel free to share your thoughts.
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What was the worst experience you had while photographing

>desperately wanted to do model shoots but to shy
>my IG was filled only with shitty landscapes and some "street" photography
>had like 80 followers
>decide to write some IG models
>no replies
>one day got a DM back from this one girl
>says she'll do it if I pay her 180 $
>desperate say ok
>she comes to my place
>asks me what ideas I had
>I said I am looking for "thongs"
>dunno why I said that
>she says ok and take her clothes off and gets on the bed
>I take my Nikon and start pressing
>dunno why I'm nervous but I miss every shot
>I say that I need more energy
>she says "ok, I guess" and gets on all fours
>my dick gets ultra hard and she notices
>gets unocomfrtable
>"I dont feel comfortable" but I just start shooting
>I fart because I was nervous and I fart
>she gets up and starts putting her clothes on
>gimme my money she says
>but we have to shoot
>fart some more
>where is my money? she screams
>"no, shhhh, my neigbors"
>hear Mrs Lebar next door banging
>where's my money? she keeps demanding
>this guy comes in
>"yo give her money you lil bitch"
>start farting extra loud
>whole room smells of overcooked mozarella gniocchi
>guy starts hitting me
>I give him money
>never again
>she blocks me on IG
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Anon mentioned Summer Nights Walking and I thought I'd check it out. Turns out its only available as an expensive book though, how does a poorfag view books like this?
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citiscapes & imaginary xpan

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sup /p/,
for a while I've been taking pictures with what's known as the "x-pan" crop format (65:24) cropped from a conventional sensor. It has recently occurred to me that it would be nice to share them in a dedicated thread, although you might have seen some of them previously on /rpt/ where I contribute occasionally.
I hope you will share my indulgence in this wide format as you view my work.
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What are the best online photography tutorials/courses, etc. Basics, advanced, technique, composition, whatever

This is uhhhh what Skillshare has to offer.
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