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35mm vs 50mm

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who wins?
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I bought a Panasonic G80/G85 (second hand with a 12-60mm lens) and it's so much harder than the digital point and shoot I had. Trying to get better at videography and I'm just learning what aperture and ISO is. How long before I can make stuff like this?
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>get two xpans because of my schizoid fantasies of elevating the art of panoramic street photography with my future girlfriend
>forgot that im a schizoid with no friends or social skills
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is this a total mess??
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i am sorry that a thread had to die for this but I don't know what to do guys. i need to hear some wisdom or common sense.

I'm a cinema student in a third-world country and I've got almost zero experience with cameras. should I invest half of my wealth and buy xt4 with an 18-55 kit lens? because I really don't want to buy a new camera in the near future or changing my career plan and xt4 seems solid. the answer might be a clear yes but i also think I didn't use my android phone's camera to its limits. i mean i didn't shoot anything which makes me said "i wish i had a better camera" and it makes me self-doubting really. learning how to operate a camera and being able to apply for jobs are big advantages but then buying a cheaper camera comes to mind.

what do you guys think I should do?
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Potential new meme

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Make the next big meme “Racism Man”
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Got my new zine out if you guys wanna check it out.
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Foto Frein Cane

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due to completely foreseen circumstances, my other thread has hit bump limit, necessitating a new thread for today's meager fotos.
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sports photography

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best ways to reduce blur? i'm trying to get better at sports photos, specifically baseball. went out and shot a game today but got pretty much no good shots. tips?
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DIY gear

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Anyone here diy their own gear?
Currently building a sound blimp
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