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Is monobath a meme? I'm pretty sure it's not a crutch because it doesn't automatically improve the results. Even more so, separate baths can produce better images.
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Any tips for night rain photography?
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Great Digital Photographers

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So /p/, tell me. Are there any published photographers you enjoy that create most or all of their work digitally? Any photo books out there that were shot on digital cameras and are actually worth buying?
Or is the artist stuck in the 20th century?
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Is it a good pic?

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Not edited, just converted into a jpg.

Got also a shopped version to make it look more unreal see next post
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Using all of my cameras 2021

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A few months back, there was a "Post your camera gear" thread, and I decided to limit my shot to just the cameras I've actually used in 2021 so it wouldn't take me all day to photograph them, but that started me on a quest to actually take a census of all of the cameras I own, and THAT started me on a quest to actually USE all of the cameras I own.

The total number of cameras is roughly 100. I'm roughly 62 in so far (although a big chunk of those are film cameras and I haven't gotten the film back yet).

But I thought I'd make a thread of the shots. First off, Canon Canonet QL17 GIII
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Fuck tripods

Modern cameras handle high ISO well enough I might just as well leave the bulky boy at home
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Are diffusion filters a meme?

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Supposedly these fucking overpriced filters with tiny specks can make your digi-shit look more film-like. Though I'd prefer to just DIY it with some hairspray.
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Out of Focus thread

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I just got back a bunch of rolls from an ancient MF camera I was testing. Unfortunately it’s not a reflex model or a coupled rangefinder, so I had to focus based on distance.

I made a few assessment errors when shooting open so many shots came out heavily out of focus. In my opinion they have a certain charme but I still consider them failures since I didn’t want them to be this way.

Anyhow I’m sharing them, if you have out of focus images you took that look vaguely nice feel free to contribute

ILFORD PANF 1/100s 75mm f/8
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how do I achieve this effect?
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Diffraction optimization

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So as I understand it, diffraction is related to your aperture regardless of the format of your sensor/film. So if you shoot at f/22 with a medium format camera or an APS-C you will experience diffraction with both, thus reducing resolving power.

But wouldn’t this mean that if I wanted to shoot a landscape it would be better to use a MFT camera at f/11 rather than a FF one at f/22 or a medium format one at a (hypothetical) f/44? wouldn’t the diffraction from the FF and MF camera basically negate their advantage in resolution?
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