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2021 Photos

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I shot a lot last year and I'm going to share a bunch of photos ITT. Any input is welcome!
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Why does Korean photography seem so bright and vigorous? Is it a Korean brand of camera?
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So it's my favourite focal length, nice and compact, good for one-handed use and great jpgs and "film simulations".
But it's £900... Seems way overpriced for what it is but it's literally my perfect camera.
Is it justifyable? How much would you pay for your perfect camera?
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how big is the dust issues on these?

should i avoid getting the ricoh gr iii?

/gear/ thread

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Laowa 24 mm f/14 2x Macro Probe edition

Old thread >>3979730
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Need fast advice on some instant cameras

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Need fast advice on some cameras i want to buy they are to mainly be used as photographical evidence of weird shit that i see and pretty landscapes
First camera - fujifilm instax mini 40
Second camera - fujifilm instax mini liplay
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what was the most enjoyable camera you had that you regret selling?
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/trash/ thread

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i took some photos on my local hill
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never has smartphone photography been so good

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peep these photos i took last night on a SMARTPHONE CAMERA in the current year. unironically better nighttime performance than good dslrs
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How do I develop an eye for interesting subjects?

I've been at this for years and I have taken less than 20 photos I actually like looking at.

I stopped for a few years. Had to sell my camera due to rough times. Recently got used Canon 500d to fix up and start taking photos with again. But looking at the few thousand pictures I took with my old Nikon I feel uneasy. I have lots of excitement, but when I take the camera out on walks, eager to take some photos, I just don't see anything.

I watch videos on how to get better, composition, etc. It's like nothing is clicking.

Granted I live in a boring town, but what I see other's squeeze out of limited interesting subjects leaves me awe struck.

I'll post few of my "good" photos.
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