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Anons /p/ictures you saved

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lets see what the best /p/'s got
>hardmode: no burke
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nostalgic urban photography thread?
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WTF happened ?

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Hi guys, I bought a Canon AE1 off eBay 1 month ago. I shot mt first film (Kodak Portra 800) with this camera during a trip in western France last week... but each of the 36 pictures I took are ruined by a huge light leak, as you can see on the pics below. I've read that this type of things happens if the camera has been opened mid film roll (but this was not the case)

So, who is to blame ? The film ? The camera ? The photo lab ? me ?

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i want to start buying "replica" art to hang on my walls. does anybody know the best place to do this at? i already have a bunch of religious iconography but i dont know where to start looking to buy replicas of paintings like in this post, so i guess im looking for somewhere that prints out on a canvas or something unless theres a better way to go about it.

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Anons is it hypocritical to create anti-government/anti-corporate photos and art by using the very goods said corporations created?
Can you ever make truly anti-establishment art by utilising things the establishment made?
How do you get past this discrepancy?
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MFT General - David Thorpe Edition

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the patron saint of mft is terminally ill and posted a last video.
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Tips for first nude shoot?

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Art studio close to me is hosting this model for a nude shoot next week and I was invited to come along. What are some tips? I plan to bring my 85mm and think up a few concepts over the wekeend. Anything else I should be doing?
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(Probably) Retarded Hang-Ups you will Never let go

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What are some things you are so stuck in regarding photography, that you can't change it, potentially even to your detriment? I'll start

>physically can't use a camera any larger than a typical consumer film SLR, digital or not

If I ever switch to a chunky fucking DSLR with a lens that sticks out more than a little bit, I just know I will never go out to take photos again.
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hey /p/ you guys should check out the anime FLAG.
It's about a war photojournalist embroiled in some military operation.
The draw is that the entire show is told entirely through various lenses, the camera lens, video lens, found footage, news reports etc.
It's very interesting
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