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Do you consider full spectrum/IR photography a meme?

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I personally absolutely do not. I need to feel some sense of discovery to really enjoy myself doing photography and IR/UV or other sensor modifications really help with that as everything looks so different. I also think that they can yield some beautiful results. I get that a lot of the imagery that full spectrum/IR gives can be reproduced with a LUT but that is very prone to artifacts and doesn't satisfy my sperg ass because it's fake and doesn't actually tell you much about the thing you're shooting.
Plus my converted PowerShot A800 is portable as heck, shoots RAW thanks to custom software, has a decent zoom range and is just really fun to walk around taking IR pictures of random stuff. The noise that the sensor produces is unusually organic looking too. It's kinda surprising. Looks way better than your average DSLR noise to me. Maybe that's just me, you can judge for yourself in the pic I posted.
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