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I need a sports photo critique

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I was beat up by a security guard and won a lawsuit. He fled the country after a warrant was issues for his arrest. I got some money so bought a Nikon D3s with a 80-200mm f2.8 (the one from 1999) to get into photojournalism because I love politics. Decided to do sports photography on the weekends to make some money. Photojournalism logistically at this point in time seems impossible for the most part. Anyway, I love photography now. Been doing that for almost a month. Got photoshop like a week ago but was using darktable before that. I have to crop in A LOT because the fields are too large for a 80-200.

I used adobe portfolio to make a website and updated it today with photos. Can you give me a brutally honest critique? It's all lacrosse. I obviously expect to suck so just be straightforward. One thing I found in life is people will just refuse to be honest with you in person, so I'm coming here to get that honesty.

I'm going to local businesses to see if they need photos and want to use this just to show them something. Should I show them this or wait until I get better? Should I remove some of the pics? How should I change the layout?

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