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is "mf look" really a thing

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is it time to sell all the 35mm gear and get a bronica 6x6 and dslr scan setup?

The perspective difference might be a real thing. For the same field of view you can use a longer focal length. If you fill a 35mm FF frame with someone's face it will look gross, but the same frame on MF will be with a 70mm lens and it will look fine. Unsure if this makes a difference IRL

I call BS on "tonality" They say that for the same field of view vs MF and FF, because there is more space on the MF cam to make the tonal transition, the range of tones is represented better. In signal processing this is like increasing the spatial sampling rate of the scene. IMO I can't see how that helps for anything except small details.

Resolution is probably better, you can get what was like 25k worth of gear for 500 dollars now.