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story telling

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There was a thread recently where someone posted some pictures that weren't that good and complained about being depressed.

I sympathize, but there are a couple of basic things you can do to improve your pictures almost immediately.

1. Get up off your knees and quit fellating the god of gear. Better gear is not going to help you take better pictures.

2. Quit being afraid of people. Nobody cares if you takes their picture on the street. That said, don't get in their face. Conversely, don't sneak around like a creep with some embarrassing telephoto lens that screams "I'm a sexual deviant" if anywhere outside a sports arena.

3. This is the most important thing. Learn to tell a story. There has to be something that 1) just happened inside the frame, 2) is about to happen inside the frame, or 3) is happening outside the frame. Something important. That unspoken thing is what makes people keep looking.

You can take all the perfectly composed, perfectly exposed, perfectly color graded shots of old buildings and street signs you want, but the pictures won't draw people in.

A technically imperfect shot of an interesting situation is always going to be a better photograph than the opposite.

If your goal is to be the best food photographer in the business then of course none of this applies to you.