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Recently I was thinking about how hard it is to "make it" as photographer these days. With everyone having a smartphone and instagram I feel like the value of photography dropped almost entirely. Doesn't matter how good your pictures are. There's way too much noise to stand out and algorithms won't help you either.
All that made me procrastinate and binge watching movies over past couple weeks which sort of gave me some new ideas. If photography is dead why not just switch to videos? It's pretty much same but
>Youtube is still a good platform for creators where your work can actually get discovered and get some traction
>Prosumer cameras are getting very close to high end "pro" equipment allowing you to shoot LF on a budget
>Editing hardware/software is very affordable too
>Producing videos takes way more hustle than stills so the value still there
>Normies with their phones can't even into horizontal shooting
>More career options and ways to make money off it
Is there any reasons not to? I don't think so. We just entered golden age of cinematography and it's about the time to jump on that train before it's too late like it is with photography.