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I'm going to the grand canyon and arches next week, will be camping for some of it. I want to take advantage of the low light pollution and do some astro photography, something I've only really done once before. I have a x-t2 with 35mmF1.4, and a Sony rx100m3 (16mm-70mm equiv). Last time I just used the rx100 at 16mm wide open, using the self timer function to reduce vibration, and setting the shutter speed to like 20 seconds. How can I improve on this? Does exposure bracketing make sense to get some of the foreground, or is that a dumb idea considering the long shutter speed and star movement? How do I best capture a beautiful shot of the milkyway? What do I need to keep in mind if I want to illuminate the foreground with a lantern/flashlight? Thanks, all help is appreciated