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/tfg/ Transformers General: Quintegun Edition

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Post pics of your figures with weapons that do not belong to them. Bonus points if they’re oversized.

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Other mecha toy discussion is also more than welcome!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-RX-78 GP03S ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Apr. 2021)
-EVA Unit 02 + S-Type Equipment (May 2021)
-Metal魂 Force Impulse Gundam (May 2021)
-Briheight Muga (June 2021)
-Briheight Gigan (July 2021)
-Gerbera Tetra ver. A.N.I.M.E. (July 2021)

Current open Tamashii Web exclusive preorders:
►Order Deadline Feb. 21st
-GM Light Armor ver. A.N.I.M.E. (May 2021)
►Order Deadline TBA
-Dom Tropen Kimbareid Base ver. A.N.I.M.E. (June 2021)
-Gattaidar 30th Anniversary Edition (June 2021)
-Metal魂 Freedom Gundam, 2nd Run (June 2021)
-Zaku II F2 Kimbareid Base ver. A.N.I.M.E. (July 2021)

Bandai's official RD page with images and release dates:
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/biog/—Bionicle General: Formerly Chuck's Edition

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>Latest News
The second round of the Lego 90th anniversary fan vote has concluded. The results will be kept a secret until the launch of the anniversary set in 2022:

The team behind BIONICLE: Quest for Mata Nui has started releasing songs from their soundtrack on YouTube, and have also announced that Tony Wedgwood (narrator of the G1 BIONICLE commercials) will be providing voiceover work for the game.

Christian Faber, an art director who worked on the first generation of BIONICLE, has announced he is working on a new BIONICLE project, "Biovival."

>G1 Story Material

>G2 Story Material
2015 Animations:
2016 Series:

>Miscellaneous Media

>Fan Projects
Team Kanohi (BIONICLE: Masks of Power):

>Resources for Builders
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/motu/-Masters of the Universe General: Sorceress Edition

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What do you guys think of the Bean-Gelo's WW2 figures? Are they worth the price?
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Diecast General

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/lg/ Lego General

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Ode to the last soulful original theme Edition

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Bionicle: Who cares. Look it up

TLC has officially sold its soul to China. RIP


>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Archived Threads:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:

Make something rural themed! Make it cool looking.
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/mrg/ Modular Robots General: A Rootin-tootin Good Time Edition

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Toys Alliance not-so-modular Krivo just released.

Any scale, any series. If it's a modular robot toy, post it here.

>30 Minute Mission
>Assemble Borg
>Toynotch Astrobots
>Acid Rain B2Five
>Diaclone Reboot
>MFT Diaclone KOs and OGs
>Hexa Gear
>Maru Toys
>Machine Robo Mugenbine
>Number-57 Armored Puppet
>RIHIO MultiAbyss
>Earnest Core Robot Build and Hardcore Mecha
>Megabox AMTS series
>Snap Ships
>Tecco Toys
>and many more...!
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Transformers General : return of combiners edition

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Are you ready for a new Menasor?
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Why isn't there a black bird that can fit more then 2 or 3 X-men? Seems like easy money. I'm not asking to fit every x-men. Just like 5 or 6 of them at least. It'd sell better.
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