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Did they died?

>no activity from Randy on twitter
>no new announcements for about 6 months
>bunch of releases that were due for this quarter got pushed back to next year
>"holiday miracle" tradition of exclusive 7" DC film figures broken with zero releases this year
>GoHastings dead
>Toys R Us dying

NECA isn't doing anything interesting, how fucked are they and what went wrong? Can they really survive as a company on shitty alien and predator toys alone?
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Among your toy collection, do own certain teams based on their appearances in comics, tv, etc?

Do you collect to complete a team, or just happen to have one by coincidence?

Me, I just found out im one character short of having a Captain N team.
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Dragon Ball General: waifu edition

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Special Force Captain (Ginyû/Demoniacal Fit)

Bulma [Web exclusive]

SS Gotenks

(DBS) Future Trunks [Web exclusive]

Kid Kuririn

Mister Satan [Web exclusive]

Angel Son Gokû
Artificial Human No. 21 (True form)
(DBS) Broly
F-Soldier (Banan/Demoniacal Fit)
F-Soldier -Theater Edition- (Unamed Freeza soldier/Demoniacal Fit)
Gotenks Absorbed Majin Buu
Great Saiyaman
GT Adult Son Gokû
Son Gohan Absorbed Majin Buu
SS4 Son Gokû
+Tons of UNCONFIRMED Demoniacal Fit partial prototypes/teasers shown (Jheese, Gurd, Thouser, Raditz, various hair styles/heads for Gokû/Vegeta/Trunks...)


SS Vegetto

Ultra Instinct Son Gokû


Clone Freeza [Gamestop exclusive]
Clone Son Gohan [Gamestop exclusive]

Gokû Black
Super Saiyan Broly
Super Saiyan Son Gohan
Ultra Instinct Son Gokû

Previous thread >>7112683
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Welcome to the Lego General; we talk about lego.

Previous thread:>>6146110


Thread Challenge:>minifig scaled brickdroids
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Gunpla/Plamo General

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For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"


IRC Channel

The guide:


And a handy guide to other types of plamo:

Some line art:

Previous thread: >>7724288
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Toy Identification

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I've been trying to identify this thing for a while. The drawing is rough, but the colors are accurate. Most of the jet/shuttle was two pieces of soft plastic. I'll be slacking off around here to answer any questions that may help me find this grail.
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Revoltech General: HYPER VIPER BEAM Edition

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Amazing Yamaguchi Cable is now available for preorder.

According to Kaiyodo CEO, Eva WonFes Online is scheduled for early August, and the actual in-person event is aiming for December. Items with no update to release date are indicated with * and will likely change.

Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)
Jizai Okimono Tolmekian Armored Soldier - Kushana's Imperial Guard ver.(Nausicaa)
Jizai Okimono Tolmekian Armored Soldier - Vai Emperor's Imperial Guard ver.(Nausicaa)

Midoriya Izuku (My Hero Academia)
Spider-Man (Reissue)
Revo Geo Ohsuzumebachi - Asian Giant Hornet -
AB Nexus Skull Spartan - Shadows from Outer Space ver.

All Might (My Hero Academia)
Venom (Reissue)
Shinkalion 500 Type Eva*
Revo Geo Tagame - Giant Water Bug -*

Deadpool (Reissue)
Evangelion New Unit-02*


Evangelion EUROII Heurtebize
Jizai Okimono Skeleton Gladiator - Murmillo
Jizai Okimono Skeleton Gladiator - Secutor
Revo Geo Giraffa Nokogirikuwagata - Giraffe Stag-Beetle-
Revo Geo Zarigani? - Crayfish -
Revo Geo Tyrannosaurus Skeleton?
Revo Geo Praying Mantis?
Revo Geo Mantis Shrimp?
AB Nexus (Color Variation)
AB Nexus 1.5 (by Yasuhiro Nightow)
AB Nexus Pixy Armor (by Yutaka Minowa)
AB Nexus Dragon Knight (by Noriyuki Jinguji)
AB Nexus Revo Inu/Dog
AB Nexus Giant Armoroid
AB Nexus Giant Nexus

Underwater Knee Socks
Fraulein Zwei series
G3 Gamera (Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris)
Iris (Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris)

For old Revoltechs listing, check

Why not know more about who made what?

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Squish Toys

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I need more that wont break if i stretch them. What are some good ones?
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Mafex General

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Previous thread >>8749802

Product list:

>Slated for January
Hush Superman (RELEASED!)
Peter B. Parker (RELEASED!)
Black Manta (RELEASED!)
Endgame Iron Spider (STATUS UNKNOWN!)
Dark Knight Returns Triumphant Batman (STATUS UNKNOWN!)

>Slated for February
Infinity War Captain America
Upgraded Suit Spider-Man

>Slated for March
Dark Knight Returns Joker

>Newest announcements (as of Janurary)
Infinity War Dr. Strange

Assume these dates are wrong. Expect delays for everything.
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SAS General: Clear Edition

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SAS Mainsite:

Search for SAS on Mandarake: 超像可動

List of the current release SAS:

Nuu's SAS Reviews:

New to Jojo? READ THIS:

SAS soundplates:

Storefronts to buy from:

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