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Hello, based department?

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What are your favorite Evangelion kits and toys?
Pic related reigns supreme for me.
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online marketplaces thread

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A thread to share the best resources for online purchasing of used toys, be it either in europe, america or any other part of the world. post your finds, tips, suggestions all here.

Most common web marketplaces are eBay, Facebook marketplace, vinted, sphock, depop, wallapop...
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Dinosaur General /dg/

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Olorotitan edition
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Do you think Voltron toys aimed at adult collectors will ever go beyond the original Lion Voltron design and explore elements from other installments?
Sure we get Vehicle Voltron in a blue moon and the other installments are contentious but I think a Dracotron toy and Predator Robeast toy would still be nice to see
Even in the original show there was Lo-Tron which never got a toy released outside of a small miniature
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Indiana Jones toys

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Any predictions for toys for the new movie? If nothing else I'd like to see them reissue some of the old trilogy figures they did at the same time as the Crystal Skull toys.
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Toon Toys

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Has anyone else noticed the recent trend of "super articulated" high end cartoon figures? Alot of these are coming out surprisingly well. First we saw those 3rd party Tom and Jerry figures, and from there it seems like we've gotten a handful of characters from everwhere else. What are some cartoon classics you want to get decent figures of? Id like to see a line of articulated Pink Panther/Depatie Freleng characters.
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Do you fuckers own BakuTech?

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