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What are the best action figures that can stand in for school shooters?
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Is it true that they ban you if you cancel preorders? I also heard they retaliate by selling your credit card info on the dark web.
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/amg/ Army Men General: Winter Warzone Edition

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the only thing that excites me about the flash movie is we might get another shot at a keaton figure.
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/pbbg/ - Rise from your grave

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oh noes old thread died
>Welcome to Plastic Building Blocks General. Discuss all non-Lego building block brands, foreign and domestic, here. Show off something you've built recently!

Previously: https://archive.nyafuu.org/toy/thread/9182724/
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Toyphotothread! SCI-FI Edition

Go with the threadtheme or ignore it, your toys your choice.
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What's stopping me from 3D printing and painting rare /toy/s???
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/mrg/ Modular Robots General: 2022 Edition

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New year, new powersuit series, old Gamma look.

Any scale, any series. If it's a modular robot toy, post it here.

>30 Minute Mission
>Assemble Borg
>Toynotch Astrobots
>Acid Rain B2Five
>Diaclone Reboot
>MFT Diaclone KOs and OGs
>Hexa Gear
>Joytoy Dark Source
>Maru Toys
>Machine Robo Mugenbine
>Number-57 Armored Puppet
>RIHIO MultiAbyss
>Earnest Core Robot Build
>Megabox AMTS series
>Snap Ships
>Tecco Toys
>and many more...!

Previous thread >>9427380
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I made my first diorama today /toy/. What do you think?
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Best toy reviewer

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Who is the beat toy reviewer and why it's pic related?
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