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Have you ever had trouble getting a toy from a certain site or retailer?
>order the toy set that comes with pic related off of entertainment earth
>over two weeks later and it still hasnt arrived
Its original delivery date was supposed to be tuesday but it came and went without it arriving at all. Never ordering from EE ever again
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/mrg/ Modular Robots General: Diaclone Reboot: Big Powered GV Reboot

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Any scale, any series. If it's a modular robot toy, post it here.

>30 Minute Mission
>Assemble Borg
>Toynotch Astrobots
>Acid Rain B2Five
>Diaclone Reboot
>MFT Diaclone KOs and OGs
>Hexa Gear
>Joytoy Dark Source
>Maru Toys
>Machine Robo Mugenbine
>Number-57 Armored Puppet
>RIHIO MultiAbyss
>Earnest Core Robot Build and Hardcore Mecha
>Megabox AMTS series
>Snap Ships
>Tecco Toys
>and many more...!

Old thread hit image limit >>9182932
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>heres your dark souls figures bro

Why does Dark Souls only get licensed to absolute bottom of the barrel companies?
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Cool toys

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Why don't they make cool incentive toys like this anymore? This shit is fucking awesome. And it was made from WOOD not plastic.

Everything is just bullshit figures with the only distinction being an autistic obsession with PoA and paintwork.
Fuck that man

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Why do you collect and how does collecting make you feel?
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>That's a lot of toys man, you sure do love your kids
How do you respond?
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TMNT General: Shitstick Soon™ Edition

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Welcome to like TMNT General, the place where we post toys instead of arguing about them!

Old thread- >>9292209

Finished and packaged samples of Wave 4 of Ultimates have surfaced online. Super7 states that they're almost finished at the factory and will leave the factory late next month.

>Vintage TMNT commercials to give you shell shock!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Commercial Compilation Retro Toys and Cartoons [33:06]

>Totally radical tunes!
Pizza Power [3:01]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Opening Music [2:10]
TMNT 4 (SNES) Music: Big Apple, 3 A.M. Extended HD [15:01]
TMNT 4 (SNES) Music: Sewer Surfin' Extended HD [15:00]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (OST) Turtles Arrive, Main Titles [4:17]

>Playmates 6-inch turtles with new figures are showing up at retail.
>Playmates is also doing a Cobra Kai crossover two-pack series.
>Hasbro is releasing a Power Rangers crossover series.
Super7 video showing of Wave 5 of their Turtles-
TMNT ULTIMATES! Wave 5 by Super7! Samurai Leo, Krang, Leatherhead, Ray Fillet! [11:17]
>Super7 is also reissuing all 4 of the Turtles for their Ultimates line, and reissuing them in their Reaction line.

Useful Links:
TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history -
Necastore -
Super7's Website -
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/52g/ 52toys General: Knockout Edition

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Jurassic world

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Jurassic world mattel new species
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