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1/12 doll houses, dioramas, and miniatures

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Haven't seen one of these threads in a while

1/12 doll houses and dioramas and the stuff that goes in them
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Kre-O General

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Will Kre-O come back? Or Hasbro gave up on it? What went wrong?
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How do you get better at posing?
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Buying Phicen Body

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This isn't a coomer thing, I just need a doll body to fit a Taylor Swift head that's designed for Phicen bodies. What's my best bet for making sure I don't get scammed? Is it safe buying one on eBay? Are there better places to buy 1/6th bodies?

I didn't see a general, sorry.
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Reject plastic pieces of shit

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Embrace tradition
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Why does this board have so few 1/6 collectors?

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It can’t be because of poorfags because 1/12 prices have shot up so much there’s barely a difference.

They look better. Smaller scales look like toys. They look childish and ugly to normies, while normies admire gorgeous 1/6 articulated sculptures
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Strange Bootleg Handheld Toy

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Hi /toy/! I remember getting some sort of strange PSP clone knockoff toy as a gift that seemed to be a console of it's own, but was something that you would by at a drug mart or in a dollar store where the other bootleg toys are. The cartridges were proprietary T shaped and there were three games which I firmly believe were Snake, Tetris, and some Kart Racing game. There could have been others as there was a slot to store the games at the back of the toy. The games were displayed in a bright orange color. I've tried my best to redraw the thing from memory. There could be a chance it was made by TIGER Electronics, but so far I have found nothing. Anyone have an idea on what it could have been?
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>actual lego set im excited for since its has the first minifig of best girl in it
>lego decides to postpone its release for some virtue signaling bullshit reason
Fuck the cucks at lego, i shouldnt have to wait longer to get a mei minifig all for their PR nonsense
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/MOTU/ Masters of the Universe General: Look at Fisto's horse, his horse is amazing!

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Welcome to /motu/ General -- the most powerful thread in the universe!

Previous Thread: >>9554399
Recent News:

The great Mark Taylor has passed away, press F and leave condolences
Wave 8 lineup confirmed as Anti Eternia He-Man, Horde Trooper, Clawful, and Sun-Man, and is currently up for preorder on BBTS
Powercon is now taking place in Ohio, focusing now on all toys instead of primarily Motu, could this be the end of Mattels involvement and exclusives?
GoodSmile Co announces He-Man and Skeletor nendoroids.... based on Revelation
Eternian Soldier pack showing up randomly at collectible stores and Big Lots
Netflix cg mini Pee-Man with Battle Cat and Neon Green Transparent (slime pit?) Skeletor with Painthor Bike seen at Wal*Mart
preview pics of Netflix CG Man E Faces out
listings for Stratos and Mosquitra and Trapjaw with bike sighted
Masterverse wave 3 at Wal*Mart
wave 7 out at Target in mass at various parts of the US
>Origins Terror Claws Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man supposedly coming soon
>Origins Stridor slow strides it way to Target retail, start checking your stores!
>Sun-Man coming as both convention exclusive as retail version

>Formo Toys and Mark Taylor revealed their “Lords of Power” toyline with figures heavily based off vintage MO

Coming In Spring/Late Winter:
Wun-dar and Kol-Darr (He-Man's old friend from that one filmation ep), Mattel Creations Sun-Man to ship in January?

Thread Question:
What character color scheme used in any of the comics would you like to see in Origins?
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What do you think is the most common figure that most /toy/ posters own?
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