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Marvel General, Rumors of Doom Edition

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JayC, a figure news youtuber, says multiple sources confirmed to him Hasbro is going to raise prices later this year on Marvel Legends to $24.99 and likely the rest of their 6 inch lines too. What are your thoughts on this? Clickbait rumor, no big deal, unfair increase after the last one in just 2021 or apocalypse?

You can search for the vid on Youtube if you like, not sure I want to give it free views by linking

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Indiana Jones General

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Hasbro got the Indy license, first line of products will arrive in 2023.

>Some industry moves revealed over night. Hasbro has extended it’s Star Wars license with Lucasfilm and Disney, officially continuing it’s master toy license for the brand. In addition, they’ve picked up Indiana Jones, which will launch in 2023 along side the next movie.

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BJD Thread

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Gay Elf Cloud Strife x DOD Ducan Edition
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Who here plays with their toys?

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Calling all chads,

Who here doesn't just display their toys, but actually plays with them too? I'm talking full on colliding toys with each other while shouting "PEW! PEW!". I'm talking names, backstories, character development for each of your toys.

Well? What do we have going on?
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Post YFW you find one of the figures you were looking for while youre at the store
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It's Amazing How Little People Here Know

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Half the people here don't know anything about the toy industry (especially domestic collectors.) its literal retardation, not even ignorance.

Hasbro doesn't care about ML, Lightning collection, black series or Gi joe. They are being run without supervision with skeleton crews of ten people and they barely make money back. They solely exist to impress other studios by saying "look how accurate we can make your brand." Pic related is from an investors meeting, and star wars/marvel is literally as relevant as yokai watch. These are not heavy hitters.

Hasbros only action figure profits are from the 5-10$ basic figures and you're delusional if you think kids are purchasing 23$ figures over free fortnite and among us.

99% of profits are from kids. The reason you can't find your exclusive isn't because of "scalpers" or "distribution" its literally cause these things don't sell. I'm tired of having this stupid as fuck arguement with people. Most collector toys are barely hitting minimum order quantities of 2000. They are around 10k-20k for popular waves, and the only time they reach over 100k is during movie cycles.

>no youre wrong
Prove it. Show me a single time Marvel legends are mentioned in investor reports.
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>Gametoys continues to knock it out of the park with their FF7 figures
>Cloud and Sephiroth were revised and shipped destroying other offerings
>Advent Children Cloud and Bike
>Zack in April
>early orders receive Zack's 2nd class head
>2nd class body and outfit sold separately.
>New Witcher figures releasing from 9 craftsman Yen, Ciri, Geralt, and Ereden
>Mysterio back in stock
>hot toys Venom is shipping
>LIMTOYS Arthur finally shipped and everyone loves it
>Marston mext possibly
>but not before the MGS1-2 Solid Snake
>Another company is doing METAL SOLDIER (MGS2 Snake)
>SSC Gambit has shipped and arrived
>SOSO toys CAJUN CARD DEALER is also shipping soon
>One of the companies is teasing Rogue
>Hunk and Rebecca going for 450$+
>3rd Party RE7 Chris is shipping soon along with "Winters"
>3ZERO toys now making Naruto figures starting with Sasuke and Naruto
>UNDERVERSE Ashley wood is finally making WWR figs, a few bots released but mostly just crappy 4 inch figs
>Nom Hunter and the lab girl have a few variants
>DMC 3 Asmus Dante getting a 2.0
>if you bought the old one you can buy an upgrade pack for 90$ for two new heads and weapons
>that 3rd party Omni man released
>3ZERO power rangers shipping
>Anime KAIMAN back in stock
>still no news on the girls
>classic medival knights figures by fire pheonix
>Asmus stil putting out LOTR figures
>MONDO did more BTAS figures
>they're also doing Kratos from GOW4
>Freeman on preorder at 80$
>tons of new he-man figures but they're terrible
>AD body making tons of new "seamless" bodies.
>Blitzway is making Tyler Durden figures
>Hottoys nuhellboy for preorder
>ICONIQUE making a Patrick Bateman figure
>Asmus Ash releasing soon
>TB league releasing a bunch of new ip stuff
>hottoys scout troopers up
>Medicom Kaneda rereleased and still up on bbts
>COO MODEL detective in stock along with a bunch of weird monster figures
>Hottoys Carnage is still overly huge
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Busou Shinki & Friends General

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previous thread >>9534602
Read the guide:

>Megami device:
• Auv Susanowo [Jan]
• Chaos & Pretty Little Red [March]
• Magical Baselard [Apr]
• Chaos & Pretty Alice [May]

>Frame Arms Girl:
• Hand Scale Baselard Animation Ver [Apr]
• Gourai-Kai Ver.2 Samurai Form [Apr]
• Magical Baselard [Apr]

>Sousai Shoujou Teien:
• Madoka Yuuki Touou High School Summer Clothes [Mar]
• Madoka Yuuki Touou High School Summer Clothes Dreaming Style Milky Marine [Apr]
• Koyomi Takanashi Ryobu High School Summer Clothes [June]
• Koyomi Takanashi Ryobu High School Summer Clothes Dreaming Style True Sapphire [July]

>Cross Frame Girl:
• Dark Magician Girl [June]

> Soukou Musume
• LBCS:JI・Banyan Tsugumi Kozakura [Feb]

> Phantasy Star Online 2 Es
• Gene Stella Tears Version [Mar]

• Lumitea [Apr]

>30 Minute Sisters:
• 30MS Optional Hand Parts [Jan]
• 30MS Optional Body Parts Type A02 (Color A) [Feb]
• 30MS Optional Parts Set 4 (Stealth Armor) [Feb]
• 30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.4 (Long, Med, Short) [Mar]
• 30MS Option Face Parts Vol.1 (Sets 1, 2, 3, 4) [Mar]
• 30MS Optional Parts Set 5 (Heavy Armor) [Apr]
• 30MS SIS-Gc69r Arca Carty (Quartet Form) [May]
• 30MS Optional Body Parts Type G03 (Color B) [May]
• 30MS SIS-Ac25g Fal-Farina (Conductor Form) [June]
• 30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.5 (Short, Long, Twin Tail) [June]

>ATK Girls:
• Brocade-Clad Elite Guard Jinyi Wei JW021 [Jan]
• Jinyi Wei Armor Girl JW-059 Universal Color Ver [Jan]
• Christmas Outfits Set [Jan]
• Everyday Clothes [Jan]
• Shadowhunter JW-021 [Jan]

>Nuke Matrix:
• Fantasy Girls Vol.2 Lirly Bell [Jan]
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Other mecha toy discussion is also more than welcome!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-08th MS Team Option Parts Set 01 ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Jan. 22nd)
-Eva Unit 13 (Feb. 2022)
-Zaku II JC ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Feb. 2022)
-GM-79(G) GM Ground Type ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Mar. 2022)
-08th MS Team Option Parts Set 02 ver. A.N.I.M.E. (May 2022)

Current open Tamashii Web exclusive preorders:
►Order Deadline TBA
-Metal魂 Re-GZ Custom (May 2022)
-Metal魂 Gundam Epyon (Jun. 2022)

Bandai's official RD page with images and release dates:

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Dinosaur General aka Dino Gen: Red, n black Tyrannts of Asia Edition

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You know the drill lets talk all things Dinosaur here (no Jurassic though)
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