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Favourite toy company brand manager

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Who’s yours? Mine is either randy from NECA or pic related
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Jojo/Hokuto no Ken SAS General: "Rerelease Edition"

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Previous Thread: >>8858034

Out Now:
>Yoshikage Kira 1st, Killer Queen 1st, High Dio, Road Roller

Open Pre-orders/Upcoming Releases:
>June - Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, Gyro Zeppeli 1.5, Valkyrie
>July - Jospeh Joestar, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli
>August - Leone Abbacchhio, Moody Blues
>September - Jagi

Upcoming Pre-orders:
>May - Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu
>June - Trish Una, Spice Girl, Pet Shop (SL)
>July - Diavolo, King Crimson 1st
>August - Jolyne Cujoh, Stone Free
>September - Risotto Nero
>October - Diego Brando 2nd, Silver Bullet
>November - Giorno Giovanna 1st, Gold Experience Requiem
>December – Jotaro Kujo BIG, Star Platinum BIG, Hol Horse

WF Autumn:
>Lisa Lisa
>Bruno Bucciarati Black Ver.

>Robert E. O. Speedwagon
>Funny Valentine 2nd
>D4C 2nd

Medicos on Twitter:

>Release Schedule Graphic:

Review links:

Where to buy:
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Can /toy/ Defeat The Super Villain All For One?

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The great villain of villains All For One has come to raid our beloved /toy/ in search of more power to add to his own arsenal. It is up to the denizens of /toy/ to ward off this threat and maintain the peace.

This isn't just your regular /toy/ fight though. This one has a fitting twist considering who the main threat will be.

Basic Rules
>AFO has 20HP
>He can only be damaged by dubs
>Trips do double damage, quads do triple etc
>The time limit is the image cap

Twist Rules
>If AFO has over 50% HP by the time we reach the halfway point his Super Regeneration quirk kicks in. Any combatant who ends a post with double 00 is so ineffective that they allow AFO to regain health. Trips for two health points, quads for three and so on.
>At any point AFO may try to turn the tide in his favor by attempting to respond to an attack during the duration of the thread. Same rules apply with dubs, trips, quads for if AFO can negate any damage against himself. To make things fair AFO can only respond to one attack every 10 posts or so and only to one specific post. He must respond to any of the recent 10 posts and cannot go back to defend against any posts before them.

For simplicity sake all superhuman abilities, powers, magic, Stands etc all are equally able to be stolen.
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Kaiju General: New Bot on the Block

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Previous thread: >>9007070

All Godzilla toy & movie talk welcome, let the monsters do the havoc and destruction. Be kind, rewind.

SHMA MechaGodzilla just revealed! $150!
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Nerf General: It's Nerf or Nothin'

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Old thread >>8918796

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WonHobby33 predictions

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Are you ready to be dissapointed by WonHobby33?

From GSC fb:

>Who's ready for Round 2? WonHobby33 is around the corner and we want to see your predictions once again! Winners receive free bragging rights and an opportunity to pre-order new announcements in the future! Use our BINGO template and post it in a comment below!
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/motu/ General: It's Not Gonna Suck Itself Edition

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Welcome to /motu/ General -- the most powerful thread in the universe!

Previous Thread: >>9011223

>/motu/ General pastebin featuring all your /motu/ news needs! Stay up to date!

>Archived threads:

Revelations screenshots and better shots of the Masterverse figures have surfaced a mixed bag of feelings for all!

Target and Walmart Distribution for Origins is still a flaming dumpster fire. Is the Rise of Evil packs now sold out?

Power-Con 2021 exclusives revealed! Yes, non-attendees will be able to order them too, May 15.
>Castle Greyskull now on sale in the USA and Canada at Walmart stores and online every so often.
>Wave 5 and 6 currently on preorder at BBTS:

Power-con registration is live!

Wave 4 now at retail in the US!
Wave 6 revealed: Green Goddess, LoP Beast Man, Webstor with winch gimmick, Stinkor

Target Exclusive Rise Of Evil Keldor and Kronis 2-Pack reaching Target stock rooms. Will presumably be an eBay exclusive.

Next deluxe wave is Mosquitor and Buzz Saw Hordak. Someone plucked Buzz-Saw Hordak off a peg in Hollywood, yet we STILL haven't seen Mosqy.

Mega Construx MotU Advent Calendar, Origins-scale buildable Battle Cat and a Heroes wave with Man-E-Faces/Filmation Trap-Jaw/mini-comic Roboto/mini-comic Tri-Klops/Scare Glow coming soon

Revelation prequel comic starts July 7
>Revelations toys in packaging revealed
>In the upcoming CGI cartoon, Castle Grayskull is a spooky fortress of magic and mystery for teens Adam, Teela, Duncan, Krass and Cringer to try to live in

Thread Question: How would you end the Prince Adam Chapter of Motu?
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/mrrg/ Model Railroad General: SE&CR edition

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>Post your own models and layouts!
>Ask for tips and info!
>Discuss all things about model railroading and toy trains!

Some Youtube channels (Reply if you want a channel added, also if you have a video that could introduce people to model trains):

Best and worst models of 2020:

New stuff:

Previous thread:
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Your Waifu is Trash Edition
Previous Thread: >>8963945
Here's the current and upcoming Jazwares releases:

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 8 – Out now
-Pikachu & Wooloo
-Hangry Morpeko & Larvitar
-Eevee & Yamper
-Galarian Ponyta

Clip n Go Pokeball Wave 8 – Out now

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 8 – May

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 9 – July
-Pikachu & Bulbasaur
-Squirtle & Appletun
-Charmander & Wynaut

Clip n Go Pokeball Wave 9 – July

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 9 – July
-Ash & Pikachu

6” Articulated Select Series – August
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Pose Challenge

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Recreate this, more points if it's an animated gif
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