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Pose thread?

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Let's have a thread focused on poses! Doesn't have to be stellar photography, just show off some of your dynamic poses for fun.
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/mcx/—Mega Construx General: Covenant Army Edition

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Evolution Toy General

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post your pics of this underrated toy line. I almost never see anyone talk about these guys here
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Previous Thread: >>9245576

Other mecha toy discussion is also more than welcome!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-Kenbu (Oct. 2021)
-Rick Dom II ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Oct. 2021)
-Big Tony (Nov. 2021)
-Eva Unit 01 + Cassius Spear (Nov. 2021)
-Metal魂 Wing Gundam Zero (Nov. 2021)
-Eva Unit 13 (Dec. 2021)
-Metal魂 Billbine (Dec. 2021)
-RX-79(G) Ground Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Dec. 2021)
-08th MS Team Option Parts Set ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Jan. 2022)
-Zaku II JC ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Feb. 2022)

Current open Tamashii Web exclusive preorders:
►Order Deadline Sept. 20th
-Metal魂 Gundam Bael (Dec. 2021)
-Zaku II F2 Neunen Bitter ver. A.N.I.M.E. (Dec. 2021)
►Order Deadline TBA
-Eva Production Model-08 (Jan. 2022)
-Ghost Gundam (Jan. 2022)

Bandai's official RD page with images and release dates:
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Halloween/Horror General

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I think it's time to start a Halloween General.

What horror/monster toys are you looking forward to?
What's your favorite?
Are there toys you break out for the display for Halloween time?
What monsters would you like to see get made and by whom?
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Nendoroid General #139: Of Rice and Ruin edition

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Previous thread: >>9247676

Welcome all!
What is a Nendoroid, you may ask?

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

Guide/Product release info found here:

Stickness on your figures?

Nendoroid spreadsheet in Google Docs, compiling info regarding names, # of faces, accessories, etc of all the nendos made so far

Nendoroid guide to bootlegs to prevent people fall for shitty made figures (any correction or improvement that need to be made is welcome)
Also the buyfag wiki about bootlegs

Gallery of nendos with Sylvanian Families or re-ment furniture for scale comparison

>How it's made: GSC edition

Here is a shop that sells loose nendoroid parts for cheap and the inventory updates daily

Reminder: if you want GSC to make or rerelease something you need to tell them you want it.
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Customs General /CG/ End of Summer Edition

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Post customs, mods, 3D printed projects, Custom Accessories, Hand Sculpted projects, Plush, Your own made statues set pieces and dioramas.

Post finished projects, Works in progress or ask general questions or advice.

Previous thread >>9120945
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Digimon General - Hydramon Edition

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Previous: >>9230846

>Pre-orders of EX2 cards postponed

>Digivice V (w/Gammamon DiM Card):

>Gammamon DiM Card:

>Angoramon & Jellymon DiM Card Set:

>DiM Card Holster (w/Dynasty of the Evil DiM Card):

Sorry for repeated links, I couldn't think of new ones.
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/swg/ Star Wars General: We Gonna Wanga Edition

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>New/Latest Pre-orders
The Vintage Collection:
-Bib Fortuna
-The Emperor
-Lando Calrissian
-Stormtrooper Army Builder Pack (Pulse • ShopDisney exclusive)
-Antoc Merrick’s X-Wing (Target Exclusive - Not available for pre-order, will be released straight to store shelves)

The Black Series:
-Jet Trooper (Gaming Greats) (Gamestop Exclusive)
-Yavin 4 Ceremony Princess Leia (POTF Card Back) (Pulse)
-The Mandalorian and Grogu Mudhorn Fight pack (Target Exclusive- Not available for pre-order, will be released straight to stores)
-Credit Collection The Mandalorian (Amazon Exclusive)
-Credit Collection Kuiil (Amazon Exclusive)
-Credit Collection Greef Karga (Fan Channel • Pulse)
-Credit Collection Moff Gideon (Best Buy Exclusive)
-Credit Collection The Armorer (Gamestop Exclusive)

S.H. Figuarts:
-Season 2 Din Djarin with Grogu
-Boba Fett Rearmored (The Mandalorian)


>Upcoming/Pipeline Reveals
Pulse-Con Exclusives
-Cantina Showdown (Black Series)
-Trapper Wolf (Black Series)
-Emperor's Throne Room (TVC)

Black Series:
-The Emperor (Archive Series)
-Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard Disguise (Archive Series)
-C-3PO (Archive Series)
-Dengar (Archive Series)
-Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper
-Bib Fortuna
-Fennec Shand
-Nomad Boba Fett
-Cobb Vanth
-Bad Batch Omega

The Vintage Collection:
-Yoda (repack)
-501st Clone Trooper (repack)
-Mandalorian Death Watch Airborne Trooper
-Figrin D’an
-Carbonized Collection The Armorer
-Carbonized Collection Incinerator Trooper
-Carbonized Collection Moff Gideon
-Carbonized Collection Shoretrooper

Update: TVC Razor Crest delayed until Early 2022

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Diecast General: Make a New Thread Already Edition

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