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/kaiju/ Kaiju General - Lights and Sounds Edition

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>S.H. MonsterArts
BioGoji made it out to the US before Christmas (reports of shipments to Australia, Mexico, and possibly other countries significantly delayed due to Covid Restrictions)
FW Gigan finally shipped
Ultima and re-issues of Godzilla '21 and Kong '21 in December (US release) [Delayed]
Mechagodzilla '21 coming in January (US Release) [Delayed]
SCV Ghidorah '19 in February (US Release)
S.P. Jet Jaguar up for preorder
FinalGoji up for preorder
Showa Hedorah set up for preorder

Godzilla, The Ride (12-inch/30cm series) and RIC-exclusive version up for preorder
Gamera 1999, V2 (12-inch/30cm Series) up for preorder

Gorosaurus and Rodan are out in the wild but hard to find(Target Exclusive)
Arctic Kong and Battle Mechagodzilla with Proton Scream appearing on shelves
GVK Line expanded to include all of the Monsterverse movies.

HG +D 06 GVK Gashapon figures available now
Mezco Ultimate 18' BioGoji releases in October 2022
Mezco DAM sets 1&2 delayed until March 2022
Mezco Exclusive Mothra and Shobijin Twins Boxed Set in May 2022
Super7 sometime in 2022
Youtooz Godzilla vs. Kong Vinyl Figure available February 2022
PBandai exclusive Kaiju Bangasichi MUTO set release date FEBRUARY 2022
Bandai MMS vinyl figures leaked, with new announcements and releases (Gamera '99, Iryis, Gorosaurus, '91 Goji, new Showa Hedorah, Hamtaro Goji, etc.)
PLEX Trading Figures of Singular Point and MechaGodzilla figures sets up for pre-order

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/Bugs and Animals/

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Hey guys, can I make an /an/ /toy/ thread? I am a dino and kaiju guy but I love animal toys, especially the Asian Giant Hornet made by revoltech and the smaller ones made by Gashapon. Anyone have? Feel free to post any animal toys you enjoy.
Share your bugs and animals (toys)!
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Ok guys, its time we had a talk.

These things have just come in to me after something like 2 years of hemming and hawing by premium DNA. I'm glad they actually delivered but this is far from a perfect release.
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blade 1

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who can identify this toy


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ITT-controversial toys

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Gashapon / Shokugan General - Pizza Time Edition

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Sonic Toys Thread: Rouge Edition

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New and Upcoming Releases:

4″ Wave 7 – Omega, Silver, Sonic, Tails
4″ Wave 8 – Dr. Eggman, Rouge the Bat, Super Sonic, Shadow
Sonic Collector Edition: Modern
2.5″ Wave 6 – Metal Sonic, Classic Crabmeat, Classic Tails, Modern Tails, Modern Sonic, Moto Bug
2.5″ Wave 7 – Classic Super Sonic, Classic Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Super Shadow
Die-Cast Vehicles Wave 2 – Sonic, Shadow, Silver
Foot Tapping Sonic – 6″ scale

More Info and Pics:

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/stg/-Soft toy general

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Plush thread:Kirby believes its been a while edition
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Why are The Review Spot's reviews all so unbelievably awkward and cringe? Is it intentional? Is it because he's Canadian?

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