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It's almost Autumn /toy/...

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You smell that in the air? That's the smell of Autumn. That means new beginnings for /toy. After our first roster poll, we've come to a point where we separate the wheat from the stem. This 2nd roster poll will decide the roster for the Autumn cup.

Till All Are One.
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ITT: Obscure Vintage Toylines

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The toys 80s kids forgor.
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/BST/ Early Fall 2021 Edition

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-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-I'll save you the effort: check Mandarake, either for pricing (if selling), or for availability (if buying).
-Don't shit-talk buyers or sellers without evidence.

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Gashapon / Shokugan General - You Can't Buy It Edition

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Sofubi general: Mysterious stranger edition.

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This is a thread for the discussion of sofubi. And other vinyl too if you feel like it.

FAQ and Directory:
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Haslab & Sentinel shitshow. Retro edition

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/ourguy/ has commented on the whole Sentinel shitshow & Haslab as a whole. Do you agree with him? Why? Why not?

Live stream discussion as well:
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/kaiju/ Kaiju General: BioGoji takes America

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>SHMA GVK Goji & Kong are available but sold out in most places. Reissues for both coming in December
>HG +D 06 GVK Gashapon figures available now (Japan only)
>Playmates Gorosorus & Rodan available but difficult to find in the wild(Target exclusive)
>Playmates Arctic Kong & Mechagodzilla with Photon Scream available in Asia with Artic Kong being found in the wild in America.
> Shiryu Prototype Unit 01 (Black Ver.) pre-orders up on BBTS and nowhere else (so far) ships Q4 2021 (SOLD OUT)
>SHMA Biogoji in September (US release)
>SHMA Gigan in October (US release)
>SHMA Ultima in December (US release)
>Mezco DAM sets 1&2 delayed until March 2022
>SHMA Mecha in January 2022 (US release)
>SHMA SCV Ghidorah in February (US release)
>Mezco Exclusive Mothra and Shobijin Twins Boxed Set in May 2022
>Super7 sometime in 2022
>Youtooz Godzilla vs. Kong Vinyl Figure available February 2022
>Godzilla vs. Kong Defo-Real Godzilla pre-order up now available Q1 2022

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I have three sentinels coming and I’m pissed

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How the fuck could Hasbro let this happen? This will sink haslab
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anyone likes playmobil?

this youtuber shows vintage sets:
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Power Rangers General: Wife-Killer Edition

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