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Halo General - Chief Edition

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Welcome to the Halo General!


>Archived Threads:

Wave 4 3.75s/6.5s

>Spartan Collection Wave 4:
-Halo 2 Chief
-Mk VII w/Enigma helmet
-Another Infinite Chief

>World of Halo Wave 4:
-Elite Ultra
-Grunt packmule
-2 more Infinite Chiefs
-Reach EVA
-Various troop and armoury builder packs

>Halo Infinite 1000Toys chief on sale now.


>Spartan Collection
-Spartan Rogue
-(Deluxe)Sgt Johnson w/ ??
-(Deluxe)Arbiter w/ ??

>World of Halo
-Cortana vs Atriox 2-pack
-New Pilot figure
-Elite Ultra w/ Cinder Shot
-Sgt Johnson
-ODST Buck
-Elite Zealot
-Suicide Grunt
-Spartan Academy (Typical 4" price, maybe Commander Laurette?)

>Halo show on Paramount+ Trailer:
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Warhammer 40K General: 25nd edition

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New Reveals:
Primaris Captain (Gravis Armour)
Primaris Aggressors (Ultramarines) 3 pack
Primaris Inceptors (Ultramarines) 3 pack
Primaris Reivers (Ultramarines) 3 pack
CSM Black Legion Warband 3 pack

Primaris Incursors (Ultramarines) 4 pack
Primaris Infiltrators (Ultramarines) 4 pack

Primaris Intercessors (Ultramarines) 4 pack RELEASING NOW
Primaris Intercessors (Blood Angels Death Company) 4 pack RELEASING NOW
Primaris Librarian RELEASING NOW
Invictor Warsuit + Warsuit Pilot (Ultramarines)
Primaris Intercessors (Space Wolves) 4 pack
Invictor Warsuit + Warsuit Pilot (Space Wolves)
CSM Chaos Terminator (3 variants)
CSM Black Legion Chaos Lord
CSM Black Legion Space Marine (2 variants)

Ork Mega Figs + Tyranid Genestealer + Primaris Reiver(???) wave

Primaris Space Marine + Necron Wave
Primaris Hellblaster + Sister Of Battle + Necron Flayed One Wave

White Scar this month

Primaris Ultramarine
Primaris Salamander
Primaris Imperial Fist

THE ARCHIVES: https://archive.nyafuu.org/toy/search/subject/Warhammer/

ToyMarineMaker (Custom marine pieces/weapons):

Previous: >>9517574
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ftg/ - Furfag Toys General: Robbie the Rabbit Edition

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Welcome to the Furfag General!

Are mascots also considered furries? Let's discuss.

The Rules:
>Please censor ALL nipples/genitals before posting images
>Don’t kink shame, if it’s not for you, move on
>No hotglue pics, it violates the board rules and that is not what we are here for
>Be respectful, have fun and most importantly post pics!
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So how autistic is it to hang the boxes on the wall? I mean, they’re the original movie poster, so it’s like having a mini poster, right?

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A Thread About Toys
A thread to post pictures of your toys.
Don't worry about posing and composition, this is a thread about messing around with your toys and taking a quick picture.
The most important thing is to have fun.

We reached the image Limit, let's keep it going, I enjoyed everyone's posts. Let's keep it going guys.
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/SSG/ Spooky Skeleton General: New Year Edition

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Welcome to all the spookybros who likes to collect skeletons
Any skeleton figure is welcome here, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)
Jurassic World STEM
Bone Age (Really old line that need a reboot)

For anyone wondering the differences or pros and cons between the different lines we discuss here, check this site:

Here is a review for the Pose Skeletons figures in case you're new to this line

If you want a office cubicle for your skellies (in 1/18 scale) you can get them here:

You can look the 4chan archives for past /ssg/ threads

Previous thread:
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It's Almost That Time again /toy/

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Winter is finally here, and with new toy drops comes a new season for /toy/ divegrass. Today at 2:30(ish) EST /toy/ will be taking on the doodlers of /i/, so get your etch-a-sketch ready cause this match sure is gonna draw some dimes.


/tfg/ - Transformers General - Beast Combiner Edition

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Previously on /tfg/: >>9573601
Other Previous Threads: https://archive.nyafuu.org/toy/search/subject/tfg/

>Upcoming figures
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows
>WHEN list

>alt mode:
>color scheme:

>pack in figure/s:

Do you think we'll see a shitty repaint of Gimlet or Sea Clamp from Scorponok? Do you think they'll even bother with any of the components of Magnaboss or Tripredacus? Find out in /tfg/!
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Scale Model General /smg/

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Weekend warrior edition

previous thread: >>9563818

This thread is for the discussion of scale plastic (and resin, PE, wood, etc) models kit
-Post photos of your builds in progress and your finished builds
-Have your builds critiqued or critique others
-Discuss tips and techniques
-Ask for advice or give advice to others

Always remember:
>No manufacturer is purely perfect or awful. ALWAYS research your kits before buying.

Some helpful guides to get started:

Plus there are tons of people on YouTube with pretty good videos on techniques etc.

Some sites to purchase models, extras, and supplies:
https://www.dersockelshop.de/ (GER)
https://www.scalehobbyist.com/index.php (US)
https://www.alfahobby.se/ (SWE)
http://spruebrothers.com/ (US)
https://freetimehobbies.com/ (US)
http://www.hobbyeasy.com/ (HK)
http://www.luckymodel.com/ (HK)
http://www.hlj.com/ (JP)
https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/en (GER)
http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/ (JP)
https://www.hannants.co.uk/ (UK)
https://www.jadarhobby.pl/index.php?language=en (PL)
https://www.bnamodelworld.com/ (AUS)
http://volksusastore.com/webstores/scale/ (US) (Carry Mr. Color and GaiaNotes paint)
https://www.emodels.co.uk/ (UK)
https://www.super-hobby.com (EU/UK/RU/US)
https://plastmodel.pl/ (PL/EU)

>Currently running groupbuilds:
- Zvezda kits (One finished so far, still plenty of time)
>Possibly in the future
- Tiger theme
- T-72s 50th birthday
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