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Is Monsuno an example of a time flop?
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Here I go, off to page 10!
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Army Men and Toy Soldier General

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Last thread didn't die, it simply faded away.

Post little plastic men. They can be army men, cowboys and indians, space men, knights cops, etc. If they're small, plastic, and uni-color, they'll do.
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What is considered to be the best Xenomorph figure?
I got the Figma one recently and I do like it be I'm a little put off by it's limited articulation. It's head can't go back terribly far nor it's feet bend enough to have it in a good crawling pose.

Also Alien figure general I guess.
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Farm Toys

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Well, for better or for worse, I feel I've been gone too long. And so I return... though still just older content
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I don't know how /toy/ feels about these, but as a NASCAR enthusiast I am pretty disturbed by by the fact Nascar Funko Pops exist. How could they do that to a legend? And since when does the Funko Pop demographic care about NASCAR?
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Toy FUNhouses/Fun toy rooms

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Post rooms of toy maniacs. Post photos of rooms filled with toys from people who love their hobby to the max - no simplified clean normie shit.
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searching for an old toy

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Back in the 90s when i was a wee lad , one day my uncle took me to a modelling store and bought me 2 presents ( we lived in another country to once every year or 2 we would visit and i could cash in late birthday presents , shit was awesome )
So i picked up a small f-14 modelkit and this weird awesome toy that they had , it was some sort of gattai robot like somer sort of sentai team but non specific , i had 2 bikes for legs , 2 arm units , a ship for torso and 5 chibi " rangers" that could fit in , the whole thing assambled was like 4 inches tall i had absolutely no idea what it was called because the box was in japanese .

I would like to trace back said robot , but a man needs a name , if anyone knows what toy i´m talking about would be helpful.

each limb came with a few accesories , the bikes had 2 tiny flaps that became the chest piece and the other had 2 weapons that became the main rifle for the robot, the 2 arm units , one had a tiny gattling gun and the other a spring action missile , that you could swith for a hand for the robot mode, and also tank threads and 2 tiny fan wings and a 3 prong stand...
anyway heres a rough artistic representation
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Because yay kaiju!
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>figma gets the metal gear liscence
>make a figure of snake from the game where you don't play as snake
Fucking why? Across the board Metal Gear has got to be *the* licence with the strangest merchandising
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