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Gundam Infinity Series

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So Bandai America tries to make their own gundam action figure, while the already released Gundam Universe has superior design quality than this.

>Inb4 muh gundam isn't a gunpla
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Glyos General

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Old thread >> 8839803

What's Available:
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Gi Joe ARAH appreciation thread.: Duke and Clean Sweep edition.

Discuss or post pictures of the comfiest figures ever made.
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What’s going on bros? Why are all of you here
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Bootleg thread

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Post some bootlegs/knockoffs, bonus point if you're a collector of them or just own some.


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Did anybody own that bootleg jumbo tracer figure that got made a while back? I was looking at my figma and wondering if I'd be better off buying that thing if I could stil get it. I have no idea how big it is and if it scales well with 12 inch stuff or if it's in that weird play arts kai scale.

Also overwatch thread, since we haven't had one in a long time for good reason.
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Anyone else notice the grainy and translucent plastic used for modern action figures? Some regulations crap or just cheaper to produce? It looks like garbage in my opinion
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ITT: forgotten lines

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Square enix's line is either dead or not selling as well
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Flesh paints

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What do you all recommend/use this will be my first time painting skin tones

Oh man I just wanted to buy a cool Super Soaker for summer and they dont even make nice ones anymore

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What happened?Do you guys know another brand or chinese copy or whatever?
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