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Why are Mafex and SH Figuarts so expensive? I'm perfectly content with my $20 Marvel Legends. What's so special about those figures to warrant triple the price of ML?
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“Nerf” Thread

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Springer Autism edition
Talk about foam dart/ball blasters here if you want
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/tfg/: Transformers General- Devolution Edition

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Welcome to the Transformers General!
(Old thread: >>9566899)
What are some Transformers that are blatantly worse than the figures they were meant to replace, /tfg/?
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Super7 Simpsons

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Wave 2 just revealed. OH YEAH.
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Just curious, anyone own Storm Collectables Kung Lao? I've been curious about considering getting at least one figure from this company, and I was looking at him or Reptile since I unfortunately missed out on Terry Bogard's release
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Beanie Babies Of The Day

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Bliss the monkey.
Birthday: January 28, 2007
“I just cannot help but sigh
Every time that you swing by
One thing I know, and that is this
Hanging around with you is bliss !”

Glyos General - Crispy Herculean Strength Edition

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>You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up

>What's available

>Thread Challenge
Post a build showcasing strength and originality

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Lego help needed

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I'm trying to get back into legos again, haven't played them since I was a kid and already found a bunch for sale locally online. But they're mostly unsorted jumbled lots and I need help id-ing what sets they are, especially the Bionicles. Thanks in advance.
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/dcg/ - DC General - Batman with a Shank Edition

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-3 Jokers wave finally on pegs after sitting in shipping containers for months
-New DCMV announcement preorders include multicolored Batman and Ultraman (not That Ultraman, Superman Ultraman) with Starro BAF piece

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