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Toy Storage General

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What type of storage goods do you all have to store stuff when they're not on display? Boxes, containers, plastic tubs, etc...even storage units. Sadly, due to lack of space for any storage, I have a lot of stuff in cardboard boxes...even the loose figs (which has cause some paint rub/transfer, and bent plastic). Really trying to get better at organizing, so I can cause less damage to my collection as well.

The main thing I wanna know about is if anyone have experience buying zip-locked acid-free polyethylene/polypropylene bags for loose figures? I know they're usually available in bulk, but I'm still unsure on which single size to get. I rather not get multiple sizes so I end up getting stuck with a lot of plastic bags I can do dick all with (outside maybe using them for accessories). What's the main size you've dealt with? 8x10 looks like it'll big enough for most of the 1/12 scale figs I collect AND the random BAF/CNC figs I have as well...but on the other hand, it'd be a plastic bag as big as a sheet of paper, which might cause even more space concerns.