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This is a thread for posting your minifigs, Lego or otherwise. I make a lot of minifigs and sometimes make up backstories when I post them, so if you have anything fun to say about your minifigs please tell us!

Pic related is my Space Friends

>Mekkanocleric Brotherly Unit Oilius "Oily" Pile
>Warboss Goldtummy and entourage
>Errant Procurer Sir Lord Your Majesty Randolph "Randy" Testarossa XVIII
>Random Fighter Ambiguosa
>Fighting Sibling Sister Martyrna (absolutely do not call her "Marty") of Our Lady of the Uncomfortably Tight Shoes

Sir Lord Your Majesty Randy's grandfather willed him a huge spaceship, but Randy was partying hard and forgot about it for a few years so all the crew were skeletons when he finally got around to boarding it for the first time along with Oilius, who was coerced into coming along (this happens a lot). Martyrna was assigned to the ship when her order heard it was going into the reaches of Weirdo Space but she would probably rather be out killing heretics and litterers. Since Randy is the heir to his noble house, Martyrna is supposed to be "guiding" him to find a suitable spouse, but he tends to wind up hitting on space floozies and aliens.

Warboss Goldtummy was already on the ship but the the others didn't know about it right away. He actually thinks he's the captain, and through a long series of coincidences neither one of them has ever been in a situation where anyone realizes the conflict.

Nobody's really sure what's up with Ambiguosa because she doesn't talk much. They just stopped on a Random Planet in Weirdo Space and then later she(?) was hanging out in the cafetorium.

They all fly around space and go on adventures together.