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Star Wars General: Can't Spooku the Dooku

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It's time again for more Star Wars General!

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>Black Series Wave 25 case assortment updated, one of the double-packed Battle Droids will be replaced with Dooku.

>TVC Chirrut and Bespin Leia revealed, along with the Bespin Freezing Chamber Playset for you to double purchase.

>Hasbro Fan Vote 2020 went to Cody, to nobody's surprise.

>Black Series Ghost Crew re-release plus deluxe Zeb available for preorder.

>Black Series Darth Nihilus, Jango Fett, and Purge Trooper available for preorder at EB Games in Canada.

>Eight more TVC mystery figures in Wal-Mart's system, on top of the five previously reported.

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