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Battle against the Icon of Sin

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Attention /toy/, The Icon of Sin have appeared on this board, now you have to choose from your figure collection the Hero that will bring down this monstrosity, before the board is Doomed!
The Longer the Icon of Sin is on the board, the Stronger he will Become.

>Difficulty modes:

>I’m Too Young to Die mode:
You can choose up to 5 figures to form a squad to defeat the boss, Anything goes regarding what power/abilities the characters have, being OP/Magical/etec or not (Superman/Goku/OP magical beings are ok)
>Hurt Me Plenty mode:
You can choose up to 3 figures for the squad, power/abilities are restricted to be more 'down to earth' (Magical OP characters or any OP power/habilities aren't allowed) any conventional fire weapon are ok (even tactical nukes, if the character have those abilities in their disposal)
>Ultra Violence mode:
You can choose 1 figure, but only conventional fire weapons are allowed.
>Nightmare mode:
You can choose 1 figure, but only melee attacks (fist or weapons) are allowed, no large range abilities/powers/magical stuff allowed.

How the Icon will be defeated?
Only posts that ends in doubles will make damage to the Icon, if your post end in trips it will make double damage, quads makes critical damage (double amount than trips), quins will gore kill the Icon
To defeat the Icon you need to get at least 20 'doubles' posts to deplete his 'health bar' to destroy him.

Choose your Hero(es) to rip and tear until is done.