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Dragon Ball General: Kefla soon edition

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Raditz [Web Exclusive] - Release March 23rd

Freeza First Form & Freeza Pod

Burter & Guldo [Web Exclusive]

Super Saiyan Son Goku - Full Power
Hit [Web Exclusive] - Pre-order Ends March 21st

Lunch [Web Exclusive]
Goku's Harahachibunme set

Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rose
Final Form Cooler [Web Exclusive]

Super Saiyan Son Goku - Clone [Event Exclusive]

>Shown Prototypes
Nappa - Saiyan Invasion -
Bulma - Namek -
Cell Shell
Vegeta - The Proud Saiyan Prince -
Super Saiyan 2 Son Goku

SSJ4 (Verbal Confirmation)
King Kai (Silhouette)
1st Form Cell (Silhouette)
Videl (Planning Now)
Kid Buu (Planning Now)
Janemba (Planning Now)
Son Goku GT (Planning Now)
Suber Baby 2 (Planning Now)
Kefla (Planning Now) - very soon!

Shonen Jump Calendar

Tamashii Nations Surveys:

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