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/motu/ Masters of the Universe General: Scareglow's animated debut

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Welcome to /motu/ General -- the most powerful thread in the universe!

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News timeline!
Powercon Exclusives sold out on site and BBTS
Masterverse figures slowly showing up for preorder (in Canada...)
Buzz Saw shipping in a case with BA He-Man and Skeletor. Mosquitor will probably come out sooner or later during the summer.
Rise of Evil is back on the menu(your mileage may vary)
Revision He-Man with classic head and full sword found at Mattel Store.
Wave 6 revealed: Green Goddess, LoP Beast Man, Webstor with winch gimmick, Scented Stinkor
Wave 5 and 6 currently on preorder at BBTS. - BBTS

Scubattack Zodac has replaced Cliff Climber Fisto in cases of Mega Construx skulls at Target and Wal-Malmart. No in-stock link for separate purchase, Wal-Mart SKU and UPC:
SKU: 788097270 UPC: 887961969306

Wave 5 from Amazon delayed

Mega Construx Heroes wave 3 (Man-E-Faces, Filmation Trap Jaw, mini-comic Roboto, mini-comic Tri-Klops, Scareglow) to ship July 24:
Mega Construx MotU Advent Calendar and Origins-scale buildable Battle Cat revealed

Revelation trailer:
Prequel comic starts July 7, Revelation is set to premiere July 23rd – Who wants to host the Watch Party? Should we do it from Discord?
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2021) is coming to Netflix in October. He-Man and Skeletor action figures for it have been revealed.

Thread Question:
If you could pick any MOTU character to have a spin-off what would it be about?