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Post you bug bots.

Gen Selects G2 Ramjet
MP-52 Starscream

Titan Autobot Ark
Gen Selects Transmutate
MPM-12 Optimus
>walmart exclusive
Netflix Spoiler pack Megatron+Skullivore 2 pack
Netflix Optimus Primal+Rattrap 2 pack
Netflix Sparkless Seeker 3 pack

Deluxe Scorponok
Deluxe Tracks
Deluxe Wheeljack
Deluxe Wingfinger
Deluxe SG Blurr
Voyager Rhinox
Leader Galvatron(unless you ordered on BBTS)
Commander Rodimus
>shared exclusive
Beast Wars Vintage Optimus Primal
Beast Wars Vintage Megatron
Beast Wars Vintage Cheetor
Beast Wars Vintage Rattrap

SS86 Deluxe Gnaw
SS86 Voyager Wreck-Gar
SS86 Leader Slug
MP-52+ Thundercracker
Voyager SG Megatron
Deluxe Tricranius Fire Blast Collection
PF BB Bumblebee
PF Siege Optimus

MP-53 Skids
MP-54 Reboost
Gen Selects Artfire
>amazon exclusive
Grimlock and Mirage 2 pack

Gen Selects Black Zarak
Voyager SG Starscream

MP-52+ Skywarp

Dlx Waspinator
Core Soundwave
Core Dracodon
(Dates based on online stores, brick and mortars will do as they please)

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