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Tamagotchi Thread

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It's become a very busy year for tamagotchi

>Tamagotchi Smart
A new japanese color version, to be released Nov 23 for the 25th anniversary. It has a touch screen, microphone, pedometer, rechargeable battery and an optional watch strap accessory so it can be worn like a smartwatch. Similar to the Digimon Vital Bracelet and Tamagotchi P’s, TamaSmaCards can be bought and inserted to add extra content (raisable characters, wallpapers, items etc).
10 built-in raisable adults (8 new), but more available via SmaCards (12 known so far, more implied in promos). No mixing.
A lottery for an anniversary edition white model + SmaCard happened, and the winners will get theirs in August before the main release. Preorders for the regular pink and blue plus two initial SmaCards haven’t gone up yet.

>Tamagotchi Pix
A new western color version, just released this month in the US. It has a camera which can be used for low resolution AR photos, plus cooking/decor/exploring which are all based on using the color of an image. Uses QR codes to connect and receive “downloadable” items (just passwords for internal items). QR codes have already been cracked, websites exist with codes to unlock every item.
No marriage or mixing, adults go back to Tamagotchi Planet and can become a professional when they leave if you play enough of the career minigames.
24 raisable adults.
Has albums to complete for collecting all items, foods and meeting all 101 characters.

Announced/leaked and yet to release: BT21, Pui Pui Molcar, Kamen Rider, R2D2, Jujutsu Kaisen

Which ones will you get anon?
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