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Latest News-

>Thundercats Wave 3 has shipped from the factory. And will be showing up likely next month. Wave 4 will ship from the factory in September. Wave 2 is delayed still, because it was produced in different factory in China, which has decided screw over smaller companies in favor of bigger companies willing to pay them more money, such as Mattel.

>Wave 4 of TMNT Ultimates is shipping from the factory next month and could be in hand hot on the heels of Wave 3.

>Simpsons Ultimates have been announced! The series seems to be focusing on deep cuts first.

>Super7 has also announced a line of Ultimates based on their original toy line, "The Worst."

>Also upcoming Ultimates- G.I. Joe, Transformers, Silverhawks,, Godzilla(now shown yet), Power Rangers, and more Toxic Crusaders.
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