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G.I. Joe General: World Domination Edition

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Latest Intel:
>Amazon Roadblock now shipping
>HISS III, Grunt, and Cobra Officer retro releases
>Super7 G.I. Joe Ultimates Line. Wave 1 features Duke, Snake Eyes w/ Timber, BAT, and Cobra Commander. Preorders are live on Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Dorkside Toys, The Chosen Prime, The Toy Source
>Super7 G.I. Joe Reaction line. A 15 figure set Exclusive to BBTS, also available for preorder now
>Super7 Reaction Wave 3 leaked: Cobra Commander (navy blue), Baroness v2, Roadblock, Firefly (comic), Snake Eyes v3, Ninja Satan?
>Target Cobra Island reissues shipping
>Zartan Master of Disguise set Hasbro Pulse-Con exclusive
>Mezco Roadblock on Waitlist status.
>Mezco Firefly announced
>Snake Eyes and Timber set now shipping
>Snake Eyes Origins Classified shipping

>Free Episodes of G.I. Joe ARAH:

>Free Episodes of Renegades and Sigma 6:

>G.I. Joe Spy Troops (PAL version, ripped and edited by a very kind Aussie Anon/Spy Troops anon):
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