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Jojo/Hokuto no Ken SAS General: Autumn WF 2021 Edition

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Upcoming Releases:
>September - Jagi, Leone Abbacchhio, Moody Blues
>October - Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu
>November - Trish Una, Spice Girl, Pet Shop (SL)
>December - Lisa Lisa, Bruno Bucciarati Black Ver., Jolyne Cujoh, Stone Free
>January - Diavolo, King Crimson 1st

Upcoming Pre-orders:
>September - Risotto Nero
>October - Diego Brando 2nd, Silver Bullet
>November - Giorno Giovanna Black Ver., Gold Experience Requiem
>December – Jotaro Kujo BIG, Star Platinum BIG, Hol Horse

>Robert E. O. Speedwagon
>Funny Valentine 2nd
>D4C 2nd

Medicos on Twitter:

>Jojo Checklist:

Review links:

Where to buy:
>Plaza Japan:
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