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/tfg/ - Transformers General: Fuck off Edition

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Choose your destiny, choose your standards, cause the effects may last longer than you could possibly imagine

Old thread >>9302749
Core Soundwave
Core Dracodon

Deluxe Scorponok
Deluxe Tracks
Deluxe Wheeljack
Deluxe Wingfinger
SS Deluxe B-127
SS Deluxe Dino

Voyager Rhinox
SS Voyager Starscream
SS Voayger Thrust
SS86 Voyager Wreck-Gar

Leader Galvatron
SS Leader Grindor w/Ravage
SS86 Leader Slug
Commander Rodimus
Titan Autobot Ark
SS Devastator 8 Pack

>Walmart exclusive
Netflix Optimus Primal+Rattrap 2 pack
Netflix Sparkless Seeker 3 pack
Netflix Spoiler pack Megatron+Skullivore 2 pack
>Shared Walmart/Pulse exclusive
Beast Wars Vintage Optimus Primal
Beast Wars Vintage Megatron
Beast Wars Vintage Cheetor
Beast Wars Vintage Rattrap
>Walgreens/Gamestop/EB exclusive
Red Alert

Deluxe Waspinator
Deluxe Pipes
Deluxe Shadow Panther
Deluxe Slammer
SS Deluxe Bumblebee
SS Deluxe Jolt
SS86 Deluxe Gnaw
Voyager Tigatron
SS86 Voyager Sweep
SS86 Leader Coronation Starscream
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