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POKEMON GENERAL-Gotta Catch em' All Edition

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Discuss Pokémon related toys here.

Figma, Jakks, WCT, Takara Tomy, Jazwares, S.H. Figuarts, D-arts, Scale World, Plamo, Re-ment, Zukan and others are welcome!

Upcoming release info for Jazwares Pokemon Figures:

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 8 – Out now
-Pikachu & Wooloo
-Hangry Morpeko & Larvitar
-Eevee & Yamper
-Galarian Ponyta

Clip n Go Pokeball Wave 8 – Out now

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 8 – May (Only released in EU so far)

4.5” Battle Feature Figure – June ? (Distributor preorders disappeared)

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 9 – Out now
-Pikachu & Bulbasaur
-Squirtle & Appletun
-Charmander & Wynaut

Clip n Go Pokeball Wave 9 – July

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 9 – July
-Inteleon ? – Checklist insert shows Grimmsnarl

4.5” Battle Feature Figure – August

6” Articulated Select Series Wave 1 – August
-Charizard – Out Now as Target Exclusive

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 10 – September
-Chikorita & Pikachu
-Cyndaquil & Deino
-Totodile & Abra

Epic Figure – September
-Rillaboom w/Drum

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