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/MOTU/ Masters of the Universe General: Netflix He-Man Edition

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Welcome to /motu/ General -- the most powerful thread in the universe!

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The new Netflix show has dropped:

Amazon Prime Live Action She-ra supposedly in development, it is unknown if it will be a new take, heavily based off “that recent one” or a some what faithful adaptation to filmation or mini-comics...

Powercon has concluded.

Sun-Man is officially coming to Origins, along with Pig-Head and Digitino

Mattel Creations Click Wars has ended and everything sold out I hope you got your order in
This included:
- Powercon 2021 Exclusives (This is probably your next to last chance to grab at a decent price)
- Sun-Man exclusive box set
- Tri-Klops mini-comic version

Coming In Spring/Late Winter:
Wun-dar and Kol-Darr (He-Man's old friend from that one filmation ep)

Recent News:
>> Scott got btfo'd by mattel: origins will continue into 2022, motu not going away in 2023
>Origins Jitsu WITH CHROME, Terror Claws Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man, Clawful
>Mattel Creations Wun-Dar & Kol Darr
>Sun-Man coming as both convention exclusive as retail version, latter yet to be seen
>MCX Monstroid w/ minicomic Adam, She-Ra and Hordak
>Wave 3 Revelations; Fisto, Stinkor, Pope Tri-Klops, cultist Trap-Jaw, DX King Grayskull, punished Mer-Man
>Non-Revelations Masterverse figures?

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Thread Question:
If you could introduce a new gimmick to Origins what would it be?