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Pokemon General - Jungle Beat Edition

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Discuss Pokémon related toys here.

Figma, Jakks, WCT, Jazwares, Takara Tomy, S.H. Figuarts, D-arts, Scale World, Plamo, Re-ment, Zukan and others are welcome!

Upcoming release info for Jazwares Pokemon Figures:

6” Articulated Select Series Wave 1 – Out Now

Future 6” Articulated Select Series Rumored Figs:

Battle Figure 2”/3” Wave 10 – Out in UK Now
-Chikorita & Pikachu
-Cyndaquil & Larvitar
-Totodile & Abra

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 9 – November?

Epic Figure – Out NOW
-Rillaboom w/Drum

2" Clip n Go Pokeball Wave 10 – November?

4.5” Battle Feature Figure Wave 10 – November/December?
-Ash & Pikachu

-Master Journeys multi-pack (Target Exclusive)
Dragonite (Epic)
Gengar (Battle Feature)
Sirfetch'd (3" Figure)
Lucario (3")

Upcoming release info for Takara Tomy Figures:
-ML-26 Zygarde Complete - NOW
-MS-54 Chimchar - November
-MS-55 Turtwig - November
-MS-56 Dracovish - November
-MS-Vol. 3 Glaceon, Shinx, Prinplup, Spiritomb, Lopunny, Staraptor - November

Upcoming release info for Scale World Figures:

-Hop & Dubwool - September
-Sinnoh Regional Set - January 2022
-Gardenia & Torterra Two-Pack - February 2022
-Grotle, & Staraptor Three-Pack - March 2022
-Volkner - TBA

Upcoming release for etc:
Shorto Series 7 - (Alakazam, Arceus, Glaceon, Dragapult) OUT NOW
Figma Gloria, Marnie and Raihan (US Pokecenter release) ?????they're gone...where the fuck did they goooo?????
Bandai Kids: Project Mew - 2nd Quarter 2022

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