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I got a warning from a /biz/ mod because I posted a thread asking whether homelessness is preferable to wagecucking (with pic related as the image), and the warning said that was "Off topic".

How is that off-topic?

The jannies are becoming out of control with what they view as off-topic. I've had this happen to me on /pol/ as well when i posted a thread asking how white nationalists should dress.

Please get this taken care of. I didn't buy a 4chan pass for this shit. I thought 4chan was still a place where you could post clearly on-topic or even topic-adjacent posts without being harassed by power-mad jannies.
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Goodnight VIP

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First goodnight

/biz/ Crypto General

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What are you investing in, VIP frens?

I'm tethered up and waiting for a market crash but once that happens, I'll probably go all in on Monero.
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/vip/ is a Christian Board
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Test. (Never had a pass before. Hello, boys)
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Is this board out of Lee's reach?
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Today is a good day.
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