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What does /vip/ like most about Suwako?
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I just renewed my pass
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this board is now biz 2.0
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Dude when is 4chan going to add an interracial board and a sfw random?

Currently over 20% of the threads on /b/ and /gif/ are interracial spam...

I hate using either and I've tried using filters and these faggots spam every fucking thread...

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Does the based anon who made this website lurk here?
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Robots and Cyberpunk Thread

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ITT: Discuss and post robots or works in the cyberpunk genre, or both! I would prefer the thread not be about giant robots, but I guess I can't stop you if you really want to post them.

To start us off: are you watching Vivy this season? It's pretty great! A strong competitor for AOTS so far.

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/vip/ says trans rights!
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